Radio Sussex ~

A light evening interview with Allison Ferns and Bibi Lynch from BBC Radio, exploring with Michelle Roberton the joy of tantric sex.

Brighton & Hove Independant ~

A survivor of childhood sexual trauma Michelle Roberton offers other survivors a chance to reclaim their bodies through a radical new method known as Authentic Roots: Body Movement Rehabilitation TM.

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The Body Knows Podcast ~

Hosted by Marcela and Mat Wakeham, Michelle Roberton shares this months episode “Tantra & living orgasmically”

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Michelle Roberton ~ Jones Audio with Paradise Music ~

Michelle is an author & voice for children’s story time and meditations in pregnancy.  Her soft, calming voice for children and mothers to be is available at ~






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Handing Back Old Coats Of Beliefs.

Handing Back Old Coats Of Beliefs.

  In this short snippet I share, that in questioning the beliefs we carry we reveal our authentic juicy self … all the sparks that make us individual and allow

Why Tantra, Yoga Or Even A Retreat Won’t Change Your Life.

Why Tantra, Yoga Or Even A Retreat Won’t Change Your Life.

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The Key To Pleasure And Desires

The Key To Pleasure And Desires

My body enables me to explore, move into, taste and feel what brings to me the delicacy of pleasure.   And my desires and pleasures lead me into the juicy

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