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Body Love

Join me on an exploration of your relationship, with your body with a promise that this Interactive video course, will bring a different quality of how you feel in your own skin and bones.

Awakening the Strength of a Sensual Woman

Awaken and embrace the strength of you as a sensual, creative Woman! A beautifully unique 14 day adventure gently, supporting you in an immersion of your sensuality.

Orgasmic Man

Welcome to Orgasmic Man. Are you ready to explore your potential as a multi orgasmic man?

Dive in to my Online Interactive Video Courses

I wish to offer you an invitation to gently explore with playful curiosity your inner landscapes and how we may connect and thrive from:

Body Love

Awakening the Strength of a Sensual Woman

Orgasmic Man

Each adventure is a self inquiry, supported with short, simple suggestions that we may take action upon and integrate into daily life as a new lifestyle of self love and fulfilment.

Any questions please feel most welcome to reach out and contact me

The Tantra Hub

Coming Soon!

An invitation to explore and re~discover Body, Love and Sex in the warm arms of the Tantra Hub. The Tantra Hub is a safe and exclusive community space, off your usual social media channels, in which like – hearted people are invited to journey together to explore body, love & sex in the richest experiences available to us.

Looking forward to welcoming you x


Through the sharing of my own experiences since 2002 and the teachings I share, I wish to offer you an invitation to gently explore with playful curiosity your inner landscapes and how we may connect and thrive from:

Intimacy with the Breath

Creativity & Sexuality

Goddess At Rest

Body Love

Yoni Love

Boobie Love

About Michelle

Sexual Trauma & Intimacy Alchemist

I have been a therapist of bodywork, Tantric teacher, sexual trauma counsellor and voice of children’s meditation since 2002.  I believe it is my inner alchemy that invites the catalyst and co-creation between us, of your own deeply profound, intuitive journey, of discovering the medicine in the poison.  

The Invitation

I offer possibilities to explore, methods to curiously play with, ensuring you have full agency of your own process.

I support you to feel safe in the warmth of your own skin.

I invite you to re~discover who you are and to know a new experience of trust in the world of sensation, intimacy and love

The Intention

Creative spaces of body listening, to allow the possibilities to alchemise our poison into our medicine.  Our resistance into our freedom.

Our tender meeting of our trauma, dissolving into the doorways beyond its prison.

A “return~in” to body and sex to reclaim the natural equilibrium of safety and belonging.  So we may “play ~fully” explore in the world.

Unique Framework

I am the founder of Authentic Roots®   A fluid and individualised “methodology”  that forms a unique body-mind medicine.   

At its rich core Tantric traditions are embraced as a lifestyle to mould a container for the modern day approaches of neurobiology and sexual trauma counselling.

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“I was very nervous before my first session & not sure how safe I’d be but that all evaporated as soon as I met Michelle. Having survived sexual abuse in childhood & young adulthood, I’d always felt a sense of shame about my body & was unable to feel safe within it.
Michelle’s loving & accepting manner helped me to start to leave the past behind. During my yoni massage, she enabled me to feel safe, protected & accepted & I was able to allow painful emotions to be expressed & allow the shame that I’d held around sexuality & pleasure to drop away. I am now left with more of a sense of ownership around my own body, I feel safer within it & overall I feel lighter, more grounded & with a newly found sensitivity & sense of aliveness that I can’t remember ever feeling before. Thank you so much Michelle.”

Jules | Sussex

To learn any of the self care practices even if taken on for 5 minutes a day, has been a very worthy course.

I especially appreciated your sensual self massage.
Also I found it interesting as you said around having children, but showing them we can all have our own space and self time. I think this is really empowering for women, as we often hear practitioners and clients say they don’t have time or say ‘I understand you don’t have much time’ but here you were empowering women to take the time and that also stuck in my mind.”


What Once Kept Us Safe …

What Once Kept Us Safe …

 I always feel this as an irritable discomfort. As though it is keeping the edges of me, from breathing and being natural ... From expanding into more-ness, as life desires us to. Like old jeans that were a dream to slip on at 24 and felt fantastic, now feeling a...

You Are Your Alchemy.

You Are Your Alchemy.

Your inner alchemy is not something anyone can do for you.                    Although life‘s pains and trauma may have been the consequences of the external world and another, the power to heal is not separate from you but in YOU. For so long, I waited for permission...

Creating Our Self Healing Nest.

Creating Our Self Healing Nest.

I remember a time when the magic of “self inquiry” was such an addictive thrill. These new concepts beyond what had imprisoned me as a wild bird, exciting. The results, ecstatic ripples of such moorish freedom, that I never considered the importance of creating a...

Frequently Asked Questions

I have been told Tantra would support me to resolve past sexual trauma. Is this what you would advice?

I believe that Tantra is supportive in expanding us beyond the limits that keep our sexual nature small, fearful and ashamed.  However, from personal experience and 21 years of sharing,  I feel sexual abuse requires a trauma informed therapist.  Some, not all, of the Tantric offerings available can be overwhelming for those who have been sexually abused and unintentionally feed beliefs created from the abusive experience. I have known of this to send people further into dissociation and obligation. It is essential that we first feel safe in our environment, our body and not just know we have a human right to boundaries but the empowerment  to voice them.  Unless the Tantric Therapist is trauma informed than I do not advise Tantric workshops or massage.

What happens in a session with you?

Each session with me will include touch, for that is usually where we feel at our most vulnerable.  We may also explore the breath and movement.   

All parts of you will always be welcomed. Your body will always be heard.

Every session is fluid and unfolds to meet the individual, for we all carry our own journey.  There will always be a “simplistic teaching” that is easily integrated into your daily life.  I believe this is essential, for it is of no use, feeling all lovely with a therapist and then not having the faintest clue how to create and embody that into your own life.  This is how we see and feel the changes we are seeking.

How can I work with you?

After initial contact by email, I will invite you to have a conversation with me.  This is most simply to offer you the time to ask any questions you may have and most importantly ensure you feel at ease with me before making such a huge commitment to your self. 

 If I feel to be the person for you, then we can schedule dates and time to work together. 

Is Tantra all about sex?

Absolutely not! Tantra is a lifestyle that changes our approach to life, body, love and sex.  The sex is a by product of attending to our internal world and that which keeps us limited, fearful and small.   I do not teach about great sex,  I support you to create the environment for your sexual self to fully express itself free from shame, trauma and poor education. 

Why do you not offer one session?

One session is a lovely experience but it will not support you in bringing to your daily life, the changes you are seeking.  I am not offering a massage.  I am offering a therapeutic body mind medicine, which unfolds as all life does, as a process, not a quick fix.  It needs dedicated time from both of us to be integrated. which creates the truth that you are not being “done to” ~ you are co-creating the process with me.

 One session is a waste of your time, your finances and I feel a dishonour to both my offering to you and your courage in reaching out. 

Do you work with those who identify as non-gender, transgender and homosexual?

Yes, absolutely.  I do not see your gender.  I see you and tenderly meet and listen to all bodies, supporting you to be your fullest self.

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