The world of plant medicine is opening up to us in new and magnificent ways.

It has always made perfect sense to me, without question, that where there is dis-ease for humanity, mother nature will have provided a medicine.
However, although many are intuitively being called to plant medicine to attend to physical, mental and emotional unease, in many countries including the UK this is still under research before … if at all, being legalised.  
Resulting in people who feel this is the way forward for them to travel to other countries and experience plant medicine within different cultures, only to return to their daily lives without the essential support to integrate the plant’s teachings, the new and often vulnerable self awareness  gained and the very present  lingering felt effects. 
This is a vulnerable situation being created and can be prevented if  preparation and integration support is respected and recognised for its value of ensuring that anyone with the intention of embarking upon psychedelic therapy has a guide and mentor in place as an essential tool of self kindness and care.
Psychedelics are not a new radical idea but an increasing one, as we search for ourselves how we may restore well being.
The power and potency of Psychedelic healing unfortunately has been devalued with the reputation of being a trip or a way to expand one’s mind.  And so we may without the correct information go into this too lightly, without considering that we do need to give ourselves the correct environment and support to return to.
Plant medicine is worthy of honouring as a sacred experience that offers us a greater understanding of self and supports us to see where we have dis-connected from our true self and release that which is in our way of a natural state of health, harmony, joy, and well-being.
It is not a quick fix but it is a fast and deep insight to the work that is required of us.

Plant medicine allows us into a world to clearly see.

Our nervous and energetic system is readjusted and traumas and held pain are able to be met and dissolved.
But we have to be the physicality that grounds and lives the work, otherwise all we experienced during a sacred ceremony we discover we are physically unable to integrate into our daily life and sustain the power of the medicine.  
Preparation and integration are just as essential as the plant journey itself.

How I may support you.

It is invaluable to have the experienced, calm and wise presence of another that can guide and hold you:
to create the strong ground of self kindness and care before and after a journey.
the ability to allow and lean into the experiences before, during and after.
the unravelling and understanding of the deeper meaning of the medicine and its riddles, 
the empowerment to adapt and create a new and sustainable lifestyle
support you to continue to grow upon the healing experience that has occurred.
Listening heart and ears to guide as you work through your journey.

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If you wish to co-create with me a sustainable daily lifestyle that ensures that you are in healthy preparation for Psilocybin Therapy and have in place all you need for the ease of your integration, please contact me for a discovery call.  

How To Book:

Choosing the right Therapist for you is essential and ensures both parties are coming from the same intentions.

On receiving your enquiry, I will then invite you to a casual chat/consultation by phone before committing to your booking so that you may ensure you feel at ease with me.  Together we can explore any questions you may have and soften any concerns.

Please note I am currently fully booked until October 2023, it is therefore wise to schedule and book your journey in advance. 

Intensives are available for those travelling a distance or from abroad. 

For days and times of availability, payment terms and professional boundaries, please ensure you read my  etiquette here.

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