Welcome to my video Tantra Workshops.

I am delighted you have found this page. Maybe this is your first time researching the world wide web for possibilities to explore and expand your comfort, understanding and potential as a sensual and sexual being.

Is this for you?

Each Tantric workshop is an inquiry that offers simple suggestions that we may take action upon and integrate into daily life, so they feel not a “trying” to make happen but a natural choice of lifestyle.

I also offer one to one “talk time” which you can purchase in addition at £1 per minute,  giving you individual space to ask any questions, share your celebrations or concerns, or immerse a little deeper through our conversation.

Through the sharing of my own experiences since 2002 and the teachings I share, I wish to offer you an invitation to gently explore with playful curiosity your inner landscapes and how we may connect and thrive from:


In this workshop Michelle Roberton guides us through three Tantric breathing methods that build upon each other, as a simple and yet powerful process to reconnect with our breath, body and sensuality.


In this workshop Michelle Roberton speaks of the importance of our creativity and sexuality. She guides us through a delight of methods using body movement and the breath and how we may then release that abundance of energy out into form.


Within this resting, the whole of our being can be nourished by simply cultivating energy within our body and using it for our own needs rather than giving it out to others, our work and the world.

In this workshop Michelle offers an inspiring adventure of meditation and movement to celebrate your body, offering spaces for you rest into your own embrace of Body Love.


Michelle Roberton

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