Childhood Sexual Abuse Recovery with the Authentic Roots® approach.

The Authentic Roots® program is dedicated to Childhood Sexual Abuse Recovery, guiding individuals through a transformative and healing process

A deep listening,  co -creative process of kindly allowing a “returning to” and “remembering” of Self, Body, Sexuality, Sensations and Movement as safe and pleasurable experiences.  

Moving us from the limitations of surviving sexual abuse to thriving.

A rising from the medicine each individual discovers within the wounds of sexual abuse.

Authentic Roots®

The uniqueness about this gentle rediscovery of self, is that it’s method are not designed purely from clinical intellect, study or knowledge.  

The elements of neuroscience, bodywork and movement for trauma and counselling for adult survivors of childhood sexual abuse are present, however the journey is a journey lived and breathed through the wisdom of experience. 

I firmly believe the core of all humans ability to experience alchemy stems not from the external world of information and “talk” but within the internal world of our “felt sense.”

We have to have had a felt and consistent new experience for it to integrate as our reality and truth.

What I share with you has unfolded, grown and organically developed as I have. Establishing a foundation and sensory experience of roots, that are authentic to who we are, not what sexual abuse wrongly informs us to see and feel about ourselves and the world around us.  Or what aftermath of sexual abuse limits us to feel and be.

 I relate from a body intelligence that has experienced childhood sexual abuse and the disruption this causes within the “bodymind”.  It manifests as a rich language and deep listening, full of compassion, to another human’s body

 I believe that we can only authentically share, speak and guide from a place of knowing how that tastes.  With psychology, intellect and logic, only, there is still  often an air of  another leading us blindly.


Authentic Roots ® 

Authentic Roots ® consists of gentle and attentive steps of self inquiry and exploration.   We play curiously with possibilities, so that our nervous system does not move into overwhelm or return to the “known” and  back into trauma.  

We offer our body, mind, sensations and movement a  new “knowing”.  

A fresh perspective as a felt experience that informs our present choices and relationships rather than the traumatic past. 

This approach creates space for the release of trauma from our body and nervous system, that talking cannot. 

Most Simply because no amount of talking can offer our body a “feeling” of regaining self agency. 

Without a structured design to the way I share, every process is  fluid and attuned  to each individual and the individual circumstances around sexual trauma.  

Sexual abuse is not one label with “prescribed symptoms” for us to fall under.

 The life restricting effects that can be felt as a continuous happening are variable and personal.

The methodology of Authentic Roots® embraces an inquiry of:

The Simplicity of Breath

During and after trauma, our breath is altered for a variety of reasons related to the sensations the breath creates within our body, how our breath encourages embodiment when there is an instinct to disengage from the body, the sound of breath and the desire to have some control.

 Becoming A Body

After sexual trauma the body can appear to be a painful place to be, rather than a place of safety and pleasure.  We can feel a sense of being outside or above our body and unable to engage at all with sensations or feelings.


Reclaiming our sexuality after sexual trauma is essential to reforming within our self something we feel was taken away, shamed or tainted. Our sexuality is also our roots which we need to create a sense of being grounded, a sense of belonging and an ability to “grow up” from.


Our experiences of touch would have corresponded with sex.  Touch therapy can offer so much to a survivor of sexual abuse, offering a new experience of touch to the body is non sexual, without agenda and  profoundly healing to mind, body and emotions. .  Trauma bodywork offers held body memory a voice to speak. 

 Parenting Self

An important key to the release of sexual trauma is being able to meet, witness and hold our own wounds, needs and desires.  Sometimes to even be able to move out of denial and allow ourselves to  notice them.  From this listening. the motivation to act, to ask and to receive creates and establishes self trust.  Parenting self also enables us to look at boundaries,  addictions, self sabotage and destruction.


Exploring mediums for healthy and honest expression of what has been held back and finding one’s own language for expressing the unexpressable while being met by another unjudged in tightly bound pain and shame.  


Relationship can often be a “playing field” for the wounds of sexaul abuse to project.  Sex and love can get confused, for we may misinterpret sex for love and touch as sex. Abusive relationships may feel known, safe and love, for we may be unconsciously drawn to what we knew as love and feel worthy of.  


As an effect of childhood sexual abuse we can be without boundaries as we “skipped” the stage of development that offered the opportunity for authenticity.  

Sexual abuse and trauma can crumble our sense of self trust and so being able to gain trust in our self, find our no and a yes that wholly means yes.  Claiming our voice, releasing the patterns of armour that isolate us from the world and others all offers an essential ingredient to recovery.


All humans. desire intimacy.  Allowing ourselves to be known, to be seen, to be met without the fear of being judged, shamed, abandoned or rejected.   Our safety in intimacy forms as we create a intimate relationship with our self that doesn’t abandon, reject, judge or shame.

The Origin & Exploration of Sensory Movement

In the trauma field there is much speak of sexual trauma somatics.  I personally found the repetitive movements created overwhelm and therefore further trauma.  I also found to attend to trauma as a group environment, an irresponsible approach, for each case of trauma does not fit into a defined label … and therefore each person’s trauma body needs listening to and met individually.

This method of movement as with all these steps I have touched upon here, was a calling from my own body to return to the primal movements which had been disrupted. This inquiry into the origin of movement and enables a feeling of being in the walk, being in the moving.  Where as so often after childhood sexual abuse we can feel we are walking but disconnected from the ground and the sensation.  

We also can distrust the bodies impulse that invites a movement, because if we move, we may get noticed and/or hurt. 

Supporting you to:

Rest into the ease of breath as a source of body connection and self soothing.

Explore relationship to ground, body and movement.

Establish self trust and trust of body impulses.

Re-member your body

Know your body as a safe container.

Come home to physical sense and sensual aliveness of your body.

Gently meet, listen to and release unhealthy patterns, beliefs or trauma held in your cellular memory, related to your body and sex.

Establish a strong loving relationship with body, breath and the present moment. 

Explore your sexual self in new self honouring ways.

Know your sexual self and how that wishes to express, move and play through you.

 Expand your capacity for pleasure, love and joy.


I am an ASIS Member. Click here to read more.

The outer journey is a further six sessions of exploring how we may relate with other

The outer journey supports you with:

I do ask that you check in with yourself that you are willing to devote the time and financial commitment to create the changes you are seeking.  And that to receive the full benefits of your sexual healing that you are able to commit to the full 12 week journey. 

Is This For You?

Yes! If …

You are unable to feel your body and life as a source of pleasure and sensuality.

You fear intimacy, touch and  have past sexual experiences that need rewiring.

You know that you just cannot keep going around in unfulfilling circles in life anymore.

You are ready for a life changing journey

This is not for you if …

Not able to commit to a process and are seeking a quick fix patch up.

Not open to huge transitions in how you feel and your life.

Not wanting to change and to keep your story.

Wanting “the work” to be done for you or to you as a form of rescue rather than empowerment.

How the sessions work:

The foundational sessions are devoted to and focused on you as an individual. I suggest they are weekly to create repetition and therefore trust in the body of new healthy experiences.  The sessions will begin at 60 minutes, gradually increase to 90 minutes, with the future possibility of 120 minutes to ensure your physical, emotional and nervous system do not go into overwhelm.

A  20% deposit is required upon booking.  The remaining fees are due on the day of our first meeting.  

If you require a payment plan please ask, all fees will need to be paid before journey begin.

Please read terms and conditions here.

I strongly advise that you ensure you can commit financially to your Sexual Healing.  Making an investment into the process of connecting with your sexuality and sensuality creates changes in the WHOLE of your life.

Your investment:

The full journey is created through 12 sessions.  This leaves you in a space of a new sexual wholeness and the tools to create a sustainable lifestyle.
This of course has to be a felt choice and one you feel you can devote yourself fully to.
You may wish to go at a slower pace than 12 weekly sessions, blocks of 6 are also available.
All sessions are inclusive of audio support with me in between sessions.

The fees of 6 weekly sessions: £1560

The fees of 12 weekly sessions: £2995

I totally respect what you have said about a lot of therapy in the past.

I have, myself, been in the same situation and felt counselling was only getting me so far and often causing more distress and
Overwhelm because I did not have the language to express and therefore change how I felt sexually and how I related with my body.

This was over 20 years ago when therapy of the mind was the common and available way.

This is not mind and talk therapy.

It is a somatic therapy of our nervous system and the body’s held trauma so the body can let go of the protective and survival mode of freeze.  And the destructive habitual patterning to reinforce and feed how the abuse felt.   

Talking therapy only gets us so far in our putting our thoughts in order.

But we are born “feeling creatures”‘and it is our unexpressed and confused feelings of the past trapped in our cellular memory that needs to be met, held and released. 

To relearn how we regulate ourselves  and our emotions is work of the body. We seek and need new felt experiences of touch, body, intimacy, movement, voice, boundaries, relationships, love and sex.

How To Book:

Choosing the right Therapist for you is essential and ensures both parties are coming from the same intentions.

On receiving your enquiry, I will then invite you to a casual chat/consultation by phone before committing to your booking so that you may ensure you feel at ease with me.  Together we can explore any questions you may have and soften any concerns.

Intensives are available for those travelling a distance or from abroad. 

For days and times of availability, payment terms and professional boundaries, please ensure you read my  etiquette here.

All journeys in life require strong beginnings of courage, love honour and trust.

Hear what others have to say.

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