I totally respect what you have said about a lot of therapy in the past.

I have, myself, been in the same situation and felt counselling was only getting me so far and often causing more distress and
Overwhelm because I did not have the language to express and therefore change how I felt sexually and how I related with my body.

This was over 20 years ago when therapy of the mind was the common and available way.

This is not mind and talk therapy.

It is a somatic therapy of our nervous system and the body’s held trauma so the body can let go of the protective and survival mode of freeze.  And the destructive habitual patterning to reinforce and feed how the abuse felt.   

Talking therapy only gets us so far in our putting our thoughts in order.

But we are born “feeling creatures”‘and it is our unexpressed and confused feelings of the past trapped in our cellular memory that needs to be met, held and released. 

To relearn how we regulate ourselves  and our emotions is work of the body. We seek and need new felt experiences of touch, body, intimacy, movement, voice, boundaries, relationships, love and sex.

I believe that Tantra is supportive in expanding us beyond the limits that keep our sexual nature small, fearful and ashamed.  However, from personal experience and 21 years of sharing,  I feel sexual abuse requires a trauma informed therapist.  Some, not all, of the Tantric offerings available can be overwhelming for those who have been sexually abused and unintentionally feed beliefs created from the abusive experience. I have known of this to send people further into dissociation and obligation. It is essential that we first feel safe in our environment, our body and not just know we have a human right to boundaries but the empowerment  to voice them.  Unless the Tantric Therapist is trauma informed than I do not advise Tantric workshops or massage.

Absolutely not!  Tantra is a lifestyle that changes our approach to life, body, love and sex.  The sex is a by product of attending to our internal world and that which keeps us limited, fearful and small.   I do not teach about great sex,  I support you to create the environment for your sexual self to fully express itself free from shame, trauma and poor education. 

Each session with me will include touch, for that is usually where we feel at our most vulnerable.  We may also explore the breath and movement.   

All parts of you will always be welcomed. Your body will always be heard.

Every session is fluid and unfolds to meet the individual, for we all carry our own journey.  There will always be a “simplistic teaching” that is easily integrated into your daily life.  I believe this is essential, for it is of no use, feeling all lovely with a therapist and then not having the faintest clue how to create , embody and sustain that into your own life.  This is how we see and feel the changes we are seeking.

One session is a lovely experience but it will not support you in bringing to your daily life, the changes you are seeking.  I am not offering a massage.  I am offering a therapeutic body mind medicine, which unfolds as all life does, as a process, not a quick fix.  It needs dedicated time from both of us to be integrated. which creates the truth that you are not being “done to” ~ you are co-creating the process with me.

 One session is a waste of your time, your finances and I feel a dishonour to both my offering to you and your courage in reaching out. 

Yes, absolutely.  I do not see your gender.  I see you and tenderly meet and listen to all bodies, supporting you to be your fullest self.

After initial contact by email, I will invite you to have a conversation with me.  This is most simply to offer you the time to ask any questions you may have and most importantly ensure you feel at ease with me before making such a huge commitment to your self. 

 If I feel to be the person for you, then we can schedule dates and time to work together. 


Michelle Roberton

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