I wish to inspire you to create a fresh, loving start in the place you have lived in all your life, noticing the softness of your edges and curves and where those edges meet the world.

knowing the breath that breathes you.

Witnessing and attending to your wounds, needs, wants, dreams and desires with the love that you attend to those of others.

  No, it does not take complicated answers, just courage and heart.

But I believe you already have that for that is what brought you here.

Om Namah Shatki.

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Life Is A Process

Appreciating And Thriving Through The Process.

We have become a quick fix society, our lives like microwave ovens, wanting results in minutes. But truly, does a quick fix feed us the rich treasures of meaning, depth and an inner fulfilment, surely these quick fixes just cover up the surface leaving the deeper parts of us still untouched, un heard, unknown. We […]

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Sex, Love And Voice

Occasionally during our lifetime we find it easier to disconnect love from sex and sex from love … finding it “safer” emotionally to have sex or to have love. And to keep the two in separate boxes. But eventually this too does not nourish or feed us …   Our Sex and our voice and […]

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