I wish to inspire you to create a fresh, loving start in the place you have lived in all your life, noticing the softness of your edges and curves and where those edges meet the world.

knowing the breath that breathes you.

Witnessing and attending to your wounds, needs, wants, dreams and desires with the love that you attend to those of others.

  No, it does not take complicated answers, just courage and heart.

But I believe you already have that for that is what brought you here.

Om Namah Shatki.

female yoga classes brighton

Michelle Roberton. Inspiration. Woman to woman

Woman To Woman

In today’s world there is much talk of how women are treated within the world. The suppression and abuse of women, the objectifying of our body and sexuality by men. But have we taken the time to look at our relationships as women to women? The damage, pain, shame we inflict upon each other. How […]

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The breath, Michelle Roberton. Tantra.


With every exhalation our body is given an invitation to let go.    To surrender.  To soften.  To move into the feminine of allowing. Allow your exhalation to be long, slow and complete.  Moving up and out of your body and  through your lips … allow your breath to have sound as your body sighs […]

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Michelle Rberton. A Tantric Life, taken at Cissbury Ring

A Tantric Life

Tantra is not something we do in the bedroom to improve our sex life. Of course it expands upon and enriches our sexual experiences but Tantra is a lifestyle… a way of curiously attending to life through the pleasure of body, breath and our senses.      

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