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Welcome beautiful friend.

Thank you for exploring my blog.

My desire is to inspire you to taste a  life that invites you back to simplicity, wonder and magic.

Back to body, breath, the natural ability to feel pleasure and sensations.

Back to the joy of your creative self, the innocence of your sexuality.

This blog is a tapas of suggestions and inspirations, born out of my own curiosity,

to bring new possibilities of another way.

Please feel most welcome to comment and share your own adventures.

All my love



Michelle Roberton Body Love

Creating Our Self Healing Nest.

I remember a time when the magic of “self inquiry” was such an addictive thrill. These new concepts beyond what had imprisoned me as a wild bird, exciting. The results, ecstatic ripples of such moorish freedom, that I never considered the importance of creating a nest. But these fragile new seeds of experience had nowhere […]

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The Forgotten Alchemy Of Silence.  Michelle Roberton

The Forgotten Alchemy Of Silence.

We have become so accustomed to the loud, the fast, the busy, the drama.  Our ability to notice our subtle world is lost to us. In silence, there is not emptiness. Not at all. Within silence, awaits an Aladdin‘s Cave of all our most pleasurable sensations. The power of our innocent sexuality. Our creative whispers. […]

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Michelle Roberton Sexual Trauma & Intimacy

Alone With Silence.

Silence has been my faithful companion this past year.                                                    Last April, overnight my life was stripped bare of all I knew and I found myself in a life I did […]

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