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Stepping Stones To You: A Journey of Body Love

Stepping Stones To You is a journey walked and written for you. The relationship with our bodies is as essential as any other relationship in our life. These steps are small, simple and most importantly achievable for everyone – moments that become part of our every day and do not require a guru. It is these kind of steps that can make a profound difference to our life. Love is simple when we strip away the BS and complications, the methods and shoulds …and so too, is Body Love.

Sebastian - The True Story of A Boy and His Angel

“Archie was just seven years old when a very special and most magical thing happened to him. So magical it would change his life forever”. At a dark point in his life, my son called for his Angel’s help and his Angel came. Not once leaving his side from that point. An almost inseparable energy that not only shone all around him but in his eyes too. Millions of children across the world see and hear beautiful beings of light. It is a truly special gift, one to be nurtured, not a gift that need cause loneliness. This book is for children who do believe. In hope that in sharing these stories of a “real” child that they will feel safe in the knowledge that they are not alone or different. The stories are also to be read as a guide for those children who are “searching” for the love a Guardian Angel can give. A guide empowering each child to believe in who they are and not hide anymore behind their fears.

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