About Michelle Roberton


My burning desire ignite flames in my belly, pours forth from my heart and is held within the purity of each breath.

My gift is one of simplicity, to guide you home beautiful woman back into the bones of your body so you may feel at peace within your own breath …

your own skin.

To fill out the soft curves of your feminine form and to own your sexuality and sensuality ~ the gifts the Gods intended for you to own.

Not to tame and squash and build walls around, squeezing into jeans that are too tight or society’s ideas but to glow and thrive in, as a succulent, juicy woman in all it’s forms of tender passion, wild stirrings, creativity, longings and dreams.

You were not designed to suppress your innate feminine nature under rocks of shame or guilt.

Nor were you designed to fit into boxes of what a “perfect” woman should or ought to look like, or be.

We as women will not feel at home in our bodies, our sexuality and sensuality until we reclaim the truth of “what that means”  to us and own it.

Not for the reasons we were taught … to give away or to protect under amour, to hide our magnificence as heavenly creatures, to perform, to be an object of another’s desire or to seek acceptance, love and approval, that we are good enough, sexy enough, desired …

But to thrive.

 To feel alive from the inside out.

A strong yet vulnerable woman softening into all our perfections.

Whether you have experienced sexual abuse, emotional suppression, a broken heart.

Whether you have lost a breast, your womb, your ovaries or an unborn child.

My offer is simple.

To guide and support your journey home to the comfort and safety of your  Woman~ness.

Once there, a smile will form upon your lips for you will remember, when you filled out your skin with a plump aliveness, each moment with childlike curiosity, thriving and full of your creative juices.

“At-one-ment” with yourself and the simplistic freedom of the world around you.

I wish to inspire you to create a fresh, loving start in the place you have lived in all your life, noticing the softness of your edges and curves and where those edges meet the world, knowing the breath that breathes you, attending to your wounds, needs, wants, dreams and desires with the love that you attend to those of others.

  No, it does not take complicated answers, just courage and heart.

But I believe you already have that for that is what brought you here.

Om Namah Shatki.




Michelle Roberton is a mamma to four incredible human “beans.”   A Devoted lover of all things delicious and chocolatey.  And a believer of five essential life ingredients ~ Love, Pleasure, Simplicity, Curiosity and Magic.

She has survived and grown from a widely challenging tapestry of life’s gifts and colours from childhood sexual abuse, anorexia, loss of a child, severe illness and Cancer.

Michelle feels all these experiences have woven together, to enable her to empower women from a place of “knowing how that tastes,”  to see beyond what may feel at times desperately broken and rest into the sanctuary of their own skin.