Mothering the bones: birth and pelvic trauma

Our pelvic bone is a source of safety and stability for our physical self. A resting place for us to resource and nourish our energy. A womb to seed and nurture our dreams, babies and creations.

There are many transitions during womanhood that can alter how we physically, emotionally and energetically drop down and rest with ease into our pelvis.
Our pelvis is a mystical place of our unique medicine to ground, for our own self and the land around us. 
It is where we must RE-TURN-IN.
To balance and most certainly allow ourselves to adapt and adjust to current or recent change.
For some, reading these words may feel a bit far-fetched.  That surely our pelvis is a physical part of our bone structure. 
Yet, pause and breathe down into the depths of your belly and intuitively you know it is the well of your emotions, creations, traumas and where you plant your dream seeds.

We come out of alignment and may disconnect or disassociate from our pelvic bone due to:

Mothering the bones is an invitation to realign your physical, emotional and energetic presence as pelvis, womb and ovary keepers.

Each session is intuitively inspired and therefore unique to each pelvis.  As a Doula I am present and attuned to the needs of you and your body. 
Mothering the bones includes:
Deep listening of the physical and emotional language of the bones.
Supporting the bones and surrounding fascia to release the tension of trapped trauma.
Pelvic realignment.
Internal Yoni realignment. 
Closing of the bones – a additional ceremony with rebozos.
This is a beautiful, tender and nourishing experience that supports us to soften back into our being after a traumatic event or overwhelming experience that we are struggling to recover from and reconnect to ourselves.

What you will receive:

Singing to the bones in this unique way supports:

Pelvic adjustment and nurturing after childbirth. 

Pelvic pain after childbirth, surgery or accident. 
Transitions of  womanhood, sexuality, menopause and menstruation.
Challenges with menstruation.
Grief and loss.
Numbing out and disassociation to sexuality due to illness, overwhelm, burnout, trauma or abuse.
It is essential that we choose the right therapist for us. 
Therefore, I offer you a free telephone conversation, simply so you have the time to ask any questions you may have and most importantly ensure you feel at ease with me.
To schedule a call with me please contact me with a little background information.

Your investment:

Each session costs £189
or 3 sessions £498

How To Book:

Choosing the right Therapist for you is essential and ensures both parties are coming from the same intentions.

On receiving your enquiry, I will then invite you to a casual chat/consultation by phone before committing to your booking so that you may ensure you feel at ease with me.  Together we can explore any questions you may have and soften any concerns.

Intensives are available for those travelling a distance or from abroad. 

For days and times of availability, payment terms and professional boundaries, please ensure you read my  etiquette here.

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