Welcome to your Women's Sensual Empowerment Journey, a unique 14-day adventure into embracing your sensuality.

Awaken and embrace the strength of you as a sensual, creative Woman!

A beautifully unique 14 day adventure into your sensuality.

This Women’s Sensual Empowerment Journey is designed to awaken your feminine nature and reconnect you with your sensual self.

Explore the Path of Women's Sensual Empowerment Journey.

This truly delicious adventure always amazes me with the rich magic it just keeps revealing the deeper we integrate, the most simplistic methods that can be integrated into the busiest of daily life, effortlessly.

I share these steps from a place of knowing how to the very core they awaken all the essential parts of our feminine nature.

From a place of distrusting my own body, sex and a big dose of “not loveable” they gently beckoned me into all that I am.

Together we will explore creative expression, body love and tantric meditations so we may unravel, witness and let go of any armour that  may have been built to protect your femininity or hide your beautiful glow.

I offer you a warm and simple space for your womb and sacral to awaken,

your heart to open and connect …

So you may immerse deeply into your skin in new ways and remember the majestic beauty of you as a sensual woman.

Your sensuality is the key to embodying your unique woman~ness

and living a life that is full and satisfying.

If you desire to feel an aliveness singing in your bones,

If you desire to feel abundant, inspired, creative.

If you long to feel rooted here …

Belonging and connected to heart, body and sex.

Then this adventure is for you!

What you will receive with the Sensual Empowerment Journey

14 video classes with simple steps that you can integrate into your daily life.

Audios to support methods discussed in videos.

No experience required, just a brave, courageous heart and a

longing to connect with your true sensual nature. 

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What you will need:

Your investment:


For lifetime access and a sensual life!

Success Stories: Transformations in Sensual Empowerment


Michelle Roberton

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