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Body Love, Awakening the Strength of the Sensual Woman and Orgasmic Man

Body Love 

Join me on an exploration of your relationship, with your body with a promise that this Interactive video course, will bring a different quality of how you feel in your own skin and bones.

Awakening the Strength of the Sensual Woman

Awaken and embrace the strength of you as a sensual, creative Woman!

A beautifully unique 14 day adventure gently, supporting you in an immersion of your sensuality.

Orgasmic Man 

Orgasmic man offers a conscious choice for a man, to move beyond the basics of doing sex into being sex.

Are you ready to delve into the deeper, true meaning of your orgasmic nature?



“Michelle’s calm, gentle teaching has helped me to stop seeing my body
as the enemy, and to reintegrate my mind and body. The classes have
been a joy to participate in and a highlight of my week.”


“I was very nervous before my first session & not sure how safe I’d be but that all evaporated as soon as I met Michelle. Having survived sexual abuse in childhood & young adulthood, I’d always felt a sense of shame about my body & was unable to feel safe within it.
Michelle’s loving & accepting manner helped me to start to leave the past behind. During my yoni massage, she enabled me to feel safe, protected & accepted & I was able to allow painful emotions to be expressed & allow the shame that I’d held around sexuality & pleasure to drop away. I am now left with more of a sense of ownership around my own body, I feel safer within it & overall I feel lighter, more grounded & with a newly found sensitivity & sense of aliveness that I can’t remember ever feeling before. Thank you so much Michelle.”