The Process Of Inner Alchemy.

The process of inner alchemy is one of personal empowerment.  

It invites us to see, when we have the tools, we are our greatest healer, for we have become our most devotional listener. 

It is essential that we do not buy into the idea that we are healed by another.  An authentic therapist, teacher or guru, is simply available to point us in a direction, hold us in our vulnerability and walk beside us as we explore.

We come to the powerful understanding that for our external experiences and relationships to change, it is our inner landscape that must be met without judgement and shame, and instead nurtured and nourished.

Inner alchemy is simply when we allow and experience the felt transformation and dissolving of what is no longer working in our lives and for our wholeness and well being.  It is from this rich inner elevation that we then have the loving beliefs, clarity and power to co-create the external changes we desire.  

The power of whole body sacred touch.

The therapist has no agenda to fix, or prove her abilities as a therapist, she is simply a presence of touch.  She is heartfully honouring of the beauty of the flesh beneath her hands and in reverence to the unspoken language of touch . 

The whole of the body is met, held, hurt and honoured. Not one part met as separate from the whole or sexually objectified. This invites the body to come into a space where it can breathe and let go. Like an innocent child when fully met, the body feels safe to speak. It is extremely rare for us to be touched in such a way that does not ask anything of us, or shame, judge or sexualise any part of our body. 

Our nakedness becomes a field of healing.

Deep Body Listening as a gateway to healing.

Deep body listening is it gateway to healing. We do not tend to listen to our body until it shouts with illness. 

We grow into the habit of listening to and believing in the noise of our head.  The mind is a container of the past events and past information and from this it becomes the director not listener of our body. 

Our body has a greater and faster intelligence than the mind. Look how we breathe in our sleep. How our organs still function. How are blood still flows. 

From this perspective, it is easier for us to consider the body knows what it needs for its fullest health and what it cannot hold for too long before physical symptoms become the only way we will pay attention.

Our body has a cellular memory. It stores the felt sense of all that we have lived, if we have not taken the time to attend to and move and grow through our feelings that arise at that time. The feelings become as emotion within our body memory.  

Not, that this information needs to be proved as such, but it is now scientifically accepted and acknowledged within the world of psychotherapy. 

We are born feeling creatures, whether we attend to them, or suppress or deny so we can carry on, the body holds that somatic experience until we meet it.

Transforming trauma and reconnecting with the sexual self.

Often because of the sexual dysfunction that we are being presented with, we can have a harsh approach towards our body and a focus to fix this part, that is not working as we believe it should be.

When we soften our focus from the performance of sex and how we think our body should be behaving, we begin to meet our sexual self in a way that invites and is receptive to healing.

The transformation of trauma begins as soon as we recognise that our body as well as our mind is affected by life situations therefore our body and our mind needs a voice. 

This is the intention of body mind medicine, to honour all aspects of you as a whole being and support the grief, shame, guilt, and stress to release who you are, from its limiting grip.


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The Process Of Inner Alchemy.

The Process Of Inner Alchemy.

The process of inner alchemy is one of personal empowerment.   It invites us to see, when we have the tools, we are our greatest healer, for we have become our

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