We have become so accustomed to the loud, the fast, the busy, the drama.  Our ability to notice our subtle world is lost to us.

In silence, there is not emptiness.

Not at all.

Within silence, awaits an Aladdin‘s Cave of all our most pleasurable sensations.
The power of our innocent sexuality.
Our creative whispers.

When we can be at ease with silence, without reaching outwards to fill it with noise or distraction, we create for ourselves a container.

A welcome environment to come back to and attend to our inner alchemy.

In silence we offer ourselves, listening, non-judgement, kindness, love, understanding, that we may not have received when we needed it most.

In silence we heal from the past ensuring that all that happened is no longer a felt happening.
Our nervous system is offered an invitation to drop down and drop in, allowing an unbinding of fraught, life limiting tension.

But how?

How to enter silence, when we have perceived the quiet to be full of waiting ghosts.
Become accustomed to constant stimulation.


Simply taking moments.

It would overwhelm us, to take to a silent retreat. To flip without care, from one extreme to the other.

But to dip into the still pool in the middle and submerge gradually … gently.

Bathing in moments of self soothing silence.

Those moments will organically linger and unfold into unmeasured breath and time,
where we naturally are drawn by desire,

to come “be” …

Come restore our soul, our body, tenderly embraced in the rich alchemy of silence.