Healing the mother wound

Episode Description
In this episode with returning guest Michelle Roberton, we…
share examples of how mother wounding shows up in our lives
discuss Good Girl Programming as a “symptom” of mother wounding
talk about how mothers pass on body image issues
discuss the subtleties of mother wounding, even in people who would say they have a good relationship with their mothers
discuss our responsibilities as adult women to recognize how our behaviors stem from mother wounding and what we can sovereignly do to heal
talk about the powerful shift in our own mothering of our children when we work with and heal our mother wounds
discuss the healing power of sharing with our own mothers
talk about the necessary grief we must feel about not having the mothers we needed and deserved
discuss how we as mothers may overcompensate or with our own children to “make up for” our lack of adequate mothering
discuss how mother wounding affects our sexuality
talk about
Work with Michelle Complex PTSD: From Surviving to Thriving by Pete Walker

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