You Are Your Alchemy.

Your inner alchemy is not something anyone can do for you.

Although life‘s pains and trauma may have been the consequences of the external world and another, the power to heal is not separate from you but in YOU.

For so long, I waited for permission from those I loved and respected, to be me.

Or for them to “reward” me with “earned” kindness or love …

Or waited for them to change or show up for me as the relationship role prescribed.

I was giving my self away by waiting!

Our poison becomes our medicine. Our restrictions our freedom.
Our tender meeting of our wounds,the doorways beyond its prison.

It is a powerful realisation, that others cannot give us what we feel to be missing or “give back” the parts of us, we believe that they took away.

No other can fix us.

Nor do they have YOUR answer.

An alchemist is someone who has transformed her own poison into her own medicine and therefore the energy of her internal alchemy is a catalyst for others.

Her voice is authentic truth, not intellect learnt and certificated.

It is primal, lived, raw and wild wisdom.

I believe we can offer others possibilities to explore, methods to curiously play with, open hearts to hold and ears to truly listen.

I believe we can inspire with our journeys, shine soothing rays of warm light when courage and hope has faded.

We can offer an environment of kindness where all parts are welcome, seen, known, heard LOVED and met.

After all these years of constantly and consistently showing up for myself, unfolding into the multifaceted expressions of the woman I am…
My advice is not to throw your power away to “the other to fix” shedding the responsibility of your journey into the hands of another.

Part of you needs to not just half baked believe you are the answer… we need to EXPERIENCE our self as the answer.

Be supported, yes!
Be guided, yes!
Be held, yes!
Be heard, yes!
Be loved. Hell yes!

But your greatest challenge IS your greatest healing and your greatest gift to self.

Do not give the power of your inner alchemy away, for it will only ever feel halfway there and the external search in other, will still howl its internal hunger.  ❤️


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