Three Keys To Feed Your Creative Soul.

I know I am not alone when I say I used to  sit with a frustrated messy tangled head with so many desires, “have to” and “to do’s” that my creativity seemed to freeze up under the pressure and disappear on vacation. 

So stuck in my head and it’s jumble of words, there was no room for inspiration to enter or be heard, so it gave up knocking. 

There is no feminine flow in a crammed head space and I know when here I  have moved out of balance into action/focus/future and I am in all honesty not myself, discontent, unfulfilled and rattled.

And most certainly my least creative and productive.

*Big Sigh*

I have come to learn that my do-ing has to be filled with the presence of my be-ing.

I don’t know how to make that make sense, I can only hope you understand me.

Empty action just does not work anymore.

It wilts, simply because it has no bones or stuffing to hold it.   I have to spend time be-ing … and magically the do-ing unfolds and all comes together.

And the difference?? 

It is throbbing with aliveness, like it has it’s very own heartbeat.

So here are 3 keys in which I know I need to attend to my creative soul and keep my life fresh, alive, inspired and flowing.  Don’t be surprised that they are all simple … do not cost a penny or time to figure out. Or require for us to attend a course or retreat.

Creativity loves play, simplicity and space not so much puzzles, bank accounts and logic …


Meditate.  Yes, this is always the answer.  Why?  Because beautiful friend here we are in this moment, not the next.  We are taking time to intimately know this breath … not be chasing the next one.  Because here we tenderly listen and we are giving our selves space to hear.  Because here there is no head, only your breath, your body, your whispering soul.


Journal.  At first this was a ding dong.  I will admit that.  I sat every morning wondering what the fuck to write.  I would get up, make a cup of my favourite tea, that I realised was a joyful reason to wake up … grab 4 squares of divine dark chocolate and return to bed.

I started with the question : How am I feeling?

Everyday it got a little easier … I was giving myself permission to express, to have a voice.

I was giving myself a safe space to express.

And! …  I was listening.

And through this CONSISTENT, daily self permission to express, an even bigger space opened and in poured magic  … And out onto the pages poured inspiration.


Nature.  I now keep a tiny jotter and pen in my coat pocket.  Old fashion girl at heart.  And also because I want to go alone, not with the whole world in the shape of a mobile phone.

I want to hear nature, smell her, feel her, breathe her in.

I walk and she speaks and I listen.

A beautiful relationship with creativity herself…










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