Tantric Life ~                                                                                                    Timelessness

Tantra invites us to explore orgasm.
Not from a place of the agendas and expectations within the act of sex but from a place of what happens to self within orgasm.

This is for many the only channel in which no time and no “I” exists and all that we truly are is given space to breathe. To be.

The current time we are all living across the world offers us the perfect opportunity to feel into timelessness.

We can let go of the urgency of time and how that effects our own natural rhythm, the way we uniquely flow with and into life.

How watching time effects our nervous system, in constant alertness to where we are going and need to be rather than where we are now.

Time is a limitation … a man made limitation that can confine and restrict who we are with its demands, its hauntings of the past … it’s longings and pressures of the future.

Notice your relationship with time.

Allow yourself freedom from the ticking clock, the mobile and immerse your mind … your body into the unlimited potential of timelessness ❤️