Reflection ~                                                                                                                                                   

Today I have had to immerse into the world of duvet, even though the world beckons outside with its blue skies and caress of warm breeze.

I have been reflecting on the many conversations, with one of my sons of late about self soothing.

His, as many others, anxiety’s have been heightened by being locked in and having only the ticking of thoughts has a daily companion.

When we are babies we learn to self soothe and regulate our nervous system through the rhythmic rise and fall of our breath.

Those around us then take us from that internal soothing to depend upon a teddy, a dummy … a blanky.

So we quickly believe and depend upon the idea, we are not able to “soothe self” and our soothing comes from an object … another… the external.

Now more than ever we are having to return to our own abilities to self soothe and make our way home to the simplicity of breath and the basics of being human.

Down day’s are not failures nor are they forever.

They are permission to immerse into the soft silent world of duvet and breath ❤️