Through New Eyes.

I found myself at Cissbury ring again today.                                              

I heard the land “calling” me. 

It is a bit of a drive from where I live … back to where I grew up but it  seemed I had no choice in the matter.  The “call” would not let go.

So I packed the dog into the car with a hot flask of Tea  and plenty of warm layers. 

I have walked  this ring over a thousand times and yet it is never the same.

Each visit I make, its as if I see amongst and yet beyond all the shadows of my past.  I see the land with “new eyes”. I feel in my heart such a deep sigh of awe at the expansion of beauty here.

With a sense of curiosity, a wonder of life … and the innocent eyes of a child everything looks and is new.

Each moment of each day we are given the opportunity to see life, to see ourselves, and to see others through new eyes.  To see beyond the labels, past experiences, perceptions and judgements of mind.

A child does not see that rose as the same boring Rose it saw yesterday … the child’s mind is not in the way of his experience.

That rose is not the same … with new eyes, we notice the subtle changes of the petals, the fragrance, the shade of colour.

We miss out on the present moment, the extraordinary… life, people, our own sense of self … our loved ones … when we look through old eyes.



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