Once we knew how to feel “orgasmic” in life …        Once we knew how to feel “orgasmic” in life ...

As a child we knew the thrill of the everyday ordinary, we met the world with curiosity and played in the joyful innocence of life.

And then there came a time when our bodies knew shame and separation.  When we put things into categories and boxes to keep things tidy and organised.

That orgasmic feeling … the pulsation of life, became arousal.

And arousal became all about the act of sex.

We allow ourselves to return to an orgasmic life when we no longer suppress our sensations of arousal to our genitals and to our act of sex.

Without restriction this pulsating aliveness is free to tingle and shimmer throughout the whole of our body and in that whole body orgasmic state, our interactions with others and our experiences of life are altered.  They become playful and ALIVE.

When we drop the idea that orgasm means only sex … we invite life to be all the other experiences we relate orgasm to … blissful, wild, unlimited, expansive, divine … ecstatic.


We already know the taste of an orgasmic life, we simply need to sink back down into our warm soft bodies, let go of those boxes that never kept things tidy but made life dull and confined …

And allow the sensations of our sex to no longer be  limited to just one flavour of expression but all the flavours that Sex invites us to be ❤️