Tantric Life ~ Out Of Shit Grows Beautiful Roses.

For most of my life these have been the words I live by. tantra-red-rose-massage-brighton

They came to me upon waking one dark morning, created a little giggle and I pulled myself back up and out.

It is the best mantra I know … alongside “It is what it is” for both are not just words said to pep oneself up or to fake a place of acceptance and surrender but because these words hold truth and most of all freedom.

When we step back during this time of global change.  Put our “tantric shades” on, we can see beyond the fear … beyond the opinions of society, beyond the struggle in losing my will to thy will and see the gifts this historic time of Co-Vid19 is offering us.

Non ~ Doing.

The invitation to immerse into be~ing has not been offered but forced.  All our doing has been stopped and stripped away.

For you are not a human do~er, that one thing is certain.  And yet we rush around, not like headless chickens at all but all head and no body.  Doing this and doing that, getting nowhere fast and totally living from a place of thinking.  Tantra suggests that our be~ing is what fills up our actions.  Otherwise all actions are mindless, empty, habitual, ordinary and life-less.

When our actions come from the fullness of be~ing, each and every action is alive.


Tantra invites us to explore orgasm.
Not from a place of the agendas and expectations within the act of sex but from a place of what happens to self within orgasm.This is for many the only channel in which no time and no “I” exists and all that we truly are  is given space to breathe.  To be.
The current time we are all living across the world offers us the perfect opportunity to feel into timelessness.We can let go of the urgency of time and how that affects our own natural rhythm, the way we uniquely flow with and into life.
How watching time effects our nervous system, in constant alertness to where we are going and need to be rather than where we are now.
Time is a limitation … a man made limitation that can confine and restrict who we are with its demands, its hauntings of the past … it’s longings and pressures of the future.

Without time the boundaries of structure and limitations dissolve.

Not knowing.

We really get to flex our trust muscle now as there is no knowing.  This can be a challenge for the mind that seeks knowing, demands knowing.  For knowing has given a false sense of control and security.

When we move into “not knowing” there is a exquisite sense of freedom, for we have reached trust and surrender, essential foundational ingredients for orgasmic bliss.

Intimacy With Self.

Whether we are alone in lockdown restrictions or within a small group, everything we have known and all we know has been Tantra Classes for women in Brightonremoved, leaving only self.   Intimacy with self can be explored and expanded upon, for there is not much to distract us from seeing all that we are.   This is our opportunity to tenderly parent, to  love and hold what we feel, what we see … not shame or judge.   To gently witness all the walls that we have created so as not to be seen.  To deeply begin where intimacy thrives and blossoms from … shamelessly loving and honouring self.


We have oodles of  unlimited, undefined space to deeply listen to how we want to show up in the world.  To create … to explore … to recreate, to play … to notice.

How to thrive not just survive.


First thing in the morning.  Know thyself.  Take those long slow deep breaths, that connect heart, belly, root.  Journal … express how you are feeling, what are you grateful for, what do you choose.

2. Daily cleanse.  Bathe in salts.  Walk in nature.  Move your body.

3. Are you feeling or thinking?  Where are you living?  Head or body?  Notice, breath … come back to body.

4. I feel most strongly our relationship with our body is essential.  Now more than ever.  As life changes and moves around us, we need a safe space to rest and be and that can only truly be rooted in our own skin and bones.

How do you relate with your body?  Can you touch your skin with tenderness?  Do you talk to your body with kindness?

5. Put yourself to bed.  At the end of each day, one hand on heart, other on belly and breath … dropping into body, into breath.

 “Out of shit grows beautiful roses”  … it is simply a case of accepting this moment is what it is, rather than struggling against (change the things you can, accept the things you cannot)
And as your body, your mind, your nervous systems deeply sighs from that tight grip and drops down into that delicious self permission for surrender … space arises for life to take form, flourish and grow beautiful  roses. ❤️


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