Tantric Life ~

We have habits of:                                                                                                                                                                    Small pleasures
Denying ourselves pleasure.
Equating pleasure just to acts of sex.
Believing pleasure is something given to us by another.
Seeking permission for pleasure.

We also have this habit of “going for the big” the slap on your bottom loud moments of pleasure.

All of these beliefs define and limit our pleasure potential … making our experiences boxed and dependant upon others or circumstances.

We are missing out on so so much pleasure!
We have lost touch with the subtle that in a blink of a too busy eye have no meaning anymore.
We have lost touch with the vast source of pleasure in all its forms and exhilarating moments.

I feel pleasure is an invitation in life, not just the bedroom.

I feel it is essential to source our pleasure away from Sex.  (That actually in turn ends up feeding our sex)

The small pleasures that touch our soul, lift our day into song and tingle as warm whispers across our hearts.
Life is overflowing with treasures of pleasure.

It’s simply for us to slow down, stop looking for big … stop defining pleasure,

Widen our view beyond what we limit pleasure to mean and be … and bring back into our “feeling capacity” the value and magic of the smallest tingles of pleasure in our daily moments.  ❤️