Dissolve has been a key word for me in the past few weeks. Dissolve

It repeatedly came in my morning listening and so I watched the invitation to dissolve… allowed it in.
The methods found their way to me, once I accepted the invite… as they do,
rather than the analysis of “WTF does that mean” … as we do!

Things … beliefs, lingering attachments, outdated crappy boundaries… in my external and internal world, began to dissolve.

When we watch something dissolve, it is effortless. A magical disappearance from something that seems so solid, so unchangeable, dissolve into nothing.

Dissolving .. Until I arrived to a place of velvety darkness,soft warm folds that I sank into.
Not labeled good or bad, or doom or gloom. Simply a darkness to curiously grow from.
As I nestled into the silence, out of darkness there came a point zero.
And from point zero, there was a spark, a new consciousness, a new being and most wonderfully of all,  new choices.

When we do not resist and just surrender to the impulse, we find that life just keeps on lovingly whispering … and we can as we let go of our stubborn grip, with absolute grace, dissolve away from all that we are not … deliciously expanding into the more~ness of all that we are. ❤️