Reflection ~

The past few mornings, this has been “asked” of me.                                                                                                    Where are you hiding?

I was not quite sure what it meant, for I didn’t feel I was … yet could feel the restriction in my throat.

330 this morning I was wide awake, a slight shift and the “knowing” rose gently on a sleepy mist.

An encouraging nudge to be seen, to be known in the world, just an inch or so more.

To drop what I had created to keep myself hidden and safe, for now it was only keeping me small.

Life is always singing to us upon a dawn chorus … to reach that little bit taller, to let in a little more …

To expand beyond worn out ways and shine.

There is always more to know of who we truly are, always more to share with the world around us.
It simply takes a snippet of self intimacy, a dash of self devotion, a hush of silence to listen into … and the courage I know you hold in your heart.

Where are you hiding? ❤️