Tantric Reflection ~ Moving In The World.

Reflection ~

Yesterday I curiously played with the quality of being, presence, wholeness and sensuality when moving IN the world.

The rich fullness that bought to my moving, to my experience.

So very often we move THROUGH  the world.  Rushing as ghostly silhouettes from one destination to the other, moving as a means to get to or to have.

We pass through life, the world, denying ourselves while absorbed in our “importance and self created busy-ness” any wholeness or presence to our body, any fullness to the experience, any receptivity to what that moment, that journey… life has to offer us  beyond our focus of getting from A to B.

Today’s tantric play is a suggestion to feel and to allow yourself to move IN the world as a beautiful unique part of existence… rather than passing through ❤️


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