Tantric Meditation ~ Presence

This week’s Tantric Inspiration reminds us the value of presence.

Have you ever driven your car … got to your destination and thought how the hell did I get here?   

The whole journey, you were in autopilot and everything just passed you by in a blur.

Sometimes our life can be like that.

Not truly tasting the delicious experiences of life.

Presence allows our be~ing to be behind our do~ing.

Our skin, our breath creating a container, of which our life is lived from.

It allows moments to feel full and grounded rather than a sense of being buffeted around on either the shitty storms or the subtle breeze of external life.

Presence creates a depth, a richness to each moment.

We notice sounds, smells, touch … our senses alive!

We see things as fresh … new …  even though that maybe the same face we caressed yesterday … the same tree we passed that morning.

In our own presence we do not run out of fuel.

Our energy is not far behind tangled in the past … or way ahead of us fearing the future.

And therefore all we share and give has a quality behind it.


A unique quality that is an expression of ONLY YOU. 

You being there TOTALLY  IN that action, within that kiss, within that smile.

Our presence is what brings fulfilment into our daily moments.

Our presence is what changes how at ease we are in our bodies.  How in tune we are to our needs.  In our relationships.  Our orgasmic self anour sexual connections?

Presence is an essential ingredient to all aspects of a satisfying life.

So how can we cultivate presence into our lives?

Simply place your hand on your belly and feel your breath.  Feel the rise and fall of your breath.

Feel your belly space filling with air.

Notice sensations in your belly space.

Notice your heart space.

Notice how you are feeling.

And most miraculously even if for seconds you would have dropped from your head, from past and future into your body.

Into the moment.  To presence.

And the more you consistently attend to this throughout your day becoming aware of when you are not “home in your body”and in that “catching” of oneself bringing your awareness to your belly breath.

Noticing who is breathing.

Noticing who is behind the breath … behind the skin, behind the touch, behind the taste.

The more presence, will organically be your natural way of living.

Embrace each moment and share YOU… the fragrance of who you are into the world from the your presence ❤


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