Begin With The Navel.  The Centre Of you.

In a world that is in constant change and adjustment, how do we maintain that we do not get distracted with external fear or our reaction to chaos.

Being grounded is a term often used and yet one, we can assume we are, without actually ENSURING we are.

How we spend our day is an important reflection and requires a “tool kit” in maintaining our roots to secure we do not get easily misled, distracted, or buy into others beliefs or chaos as our own.

Our roots need a healthy relationship with our sex, our body, our self care, money, our belonging, our survival, our needs around security… home.

But is analysing and taking all these pieces apart with conversation the answer?

I believe not. For analysing, thought, conversation takes us further into “air” into head …
I believe the simplistic answer is to kindly feel into your body … immersing into each breath as a wave …

Beginning with the navel … the centre of you.

In the womb the navel was the centre of your existence, your source of life, your source of nourishment. Your connection to all you needed to survive and thrive. There was no thought … simply the connection with the pulsation of life through your umbilical … your navel.

Upon waking before entering the world and before you get out of bed, breath and soften into your navel … notice the rise and fall.

During your day, when you walk, bring all of your awareness into your navel as you walk … feel the difference walking IN the world, from your centre.

Upon sleep … put yourself home, back to centre with the rise and fall of unravelling breath.

Your day will change, your sleep will change … your moving will change … your interactions will change … as you live your life from your body and not your head ❤️