Creating Our Self Healing Nest.

I remember a time when the magic of “self inquiry” was such an addictive thrill.

These new concepts beyond what had imprisoned me as a wild bird, exciting.

The results, ecstatic ripples of such moorish freedom, that I never considered the importance of creating a nest.

But these fragile new seeds of experience had nowhere to land and so they were not fully lived.

When we are responsible for the growth of any life form it is our nature to desire to support that growth as tenderly as we can.

To ensure that life force has all it needs to flourish, whether that be a flower or a child. We prepare the immediate environment as consciously as a bird with her nest.

We ensure there is nourishment, nurturing, silence, warmth, darkness and light.

We ensure the flower or child knows all parts of him are welcome, accepted, supported and loved at each stage of its development.

That the chaos and deconstruction of growth feels as safe as the silent, still and subtle.

In creating my own space over the years, I have insured that my nervous system has a place to come down from its old habitual patterns.

That I offer myself solitude and silence and feel at ease in that necessary aloneness to listen.

That I open my arms, my heart, to all parts of who I am, as I would for my daughter and my sons.

I take time each morning to enter the world. I know I cannot wake and burst into the busyness of the day for I will feel flighty and anxious.

I know the beginning of each day needs to be a slow, gentle, tender immersion into the world with tea and chocolate 🙂

All growth needs its own nest.
All growth needs solid and rich land.
All growth is movement and yet silent and still.  All growth asks we do not push into our expectations of time.

Before we dive into any inner alchemy this needs to be in place.

What do you do to ensure your environment is supportive to your needs?

That it feels welcoming to all parts of you to be present?   That the nest for the intimate exploration of the powerful sexual and sensual you is loving and safe? ❤️


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