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A Charmed Life. Frog.

A Charmed Life.

Not so very long ago, after posting a video I had created on the benefits of the ancient Jade Egg Practice within my life.  I received a comment that stuck with me. “You must live a very charmed life.” I did not re-act or respond.  Instead I let the words whirl around me until they […]

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Tears, Michelle Roberton. Brighton

Intimate With Tears.

Dear Tears,                                                                                                                                                                  I thought today that I would write to you.  Ask you why you are here on the brink?  I felt I ought to soften, not bare down on my lip against you. I want to know your pain.  I want to hold you, not contain you. For you to flow down my cheeks, […]

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buddha flower

New Eyes …

Look at each day in life ~ at others with new eyes. That flower you passed yesterday is not the same flower.  However slight she has changed. To see her with “old eyes”, to look at her through your mind, is to deny the flower & yourself of today’s beauty. You, I, We … are […]

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