Creative Lubrication.

Mmmm, interesting title huh? Creative Lubrication!

So before your mind wanders & yes I am aware where it will be wondering too *grin*  I will tell all …

Last Thursday the “weird energy” for it has no other name now, was at my throat ~ I was shown where the ego was still causing that nitty gritty BS doubt of what I love to share & express and why exactly. 

I was then shown the days of home schooling, when my children & I would paint, draw, sing, use clay, dance madly, skip … for no other reason but to play. *big sigh*

Now this is creative lubrication & is required for the lubrication of the joyful arrival & expression of  YOU.

A child still very pure from ego … paints because he feels like it, sings because he feels like it, runs, skips, draws, bangs the drum because he feels like it … for no approval, no reason but simply for the pleasure & joy of expressing himself, putting all his life force energy out to the world & sharing his joy.

Creative lubrication supports us in be-ing in a presence of joy, “in –spirit” so that inspiration may flow.

It is feeling, expressing, living.  Being connected to our joyful soul & the Universe.

It is light, fun, pleasure … & there are NO RULES “whoop whoop.”

There is no such thing as a creative block. 

Like any block it is where our ego, our serious logical boring self is in our soul’s way, our truth.

Add a little creative lubrication & that inspiration required for that

book, that dress design, that recipe simply flows!  

Its about writing …  painting  … baking for you, not to compare, to judge, to prove, or to sell to the world or bloody Facebook. 

But doing it simply because something in you says you HAVE TO, its like breathing if you don’t … you will die.

We want to create because that is our life force, our sexual energy, tantra whatever label you have to give it is irrelevant.  We are born to create warm open homes, loving family bonds, connections with others, poetry, song  … add reason to it & you find you have squeezed “just for the love of it” out & dry.

I sat Sunday morning, playing with clay.

I had forgotten how gooooood it felt to touch & explore this earthy delight.                                      

Slowly the wet ball, grew into a form, I allowed it to be, to unfold into its own destiny … moving, bending, no control, no idea of the end result, simply knowing the movement one at a time…

And while I was doing this inspiration poured in …

The next chapter.

A flame of the old love of singing from my heart & raw …

The love of playing flute badly *ha ha*  ~  yet the essence being the willingness to challenge myself  again, just for  the raw bloody joy of it!

Mmmm the beauty of creative lubrication ♥️♥️♥️


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