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Michelle Roberton Kerela beach sunset India 2017

Found In The Silence.

I am never really sure what to say, only because my words never seem enough.                                            Words are like thieves, they steal me from you, Rigid in their defined, uncomfortable form between us. You can’t taste me […]

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With permission from sacred breasts facebook


Of late I have felt “softer” … seems a bit non descriptive really but there it is.            There is a new “softness” to my edges. I see in my mind’s eye that I was like one of those sweets … to chewy to let anything in without a bit of […]

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become the touch

Healing Touch

There is a “food” that our skin yells and hungers for. A “food” that is as essential to our survival as good food and warm shelter… touch. I remember  this from a lecture I attended while studying child psychology: In the 1940s a Doctor caring for motherless babies was surprised to find that although they were […]

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