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Stripping Down To The Bones.

Being in tune with your soul, your body, your mind… is a stripping.   A stripping down to your bones. A forgetting of all you have learned, all you have believed… Forgetting their ways … & yours. Bare & vulnerable in your bones you are left with a simplicity. A space unraveled & free from rules, limits & complications […]

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with permission from sacred breasts

Inspiration For the Feminine Soul

We cannot give birth half-heartedly     . It takes ~ Love Focus Presence Courage Vulnerability Trust in something bigger than us The whole of our being And GRIT … a desire to go above and beyond. Our dreams, our goals, our passions require that same dedication and determination. To give birth to who you […]

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Embodiment …

I let this word roll deliciously around my tongue and through my lips.  Such an inviting word, mysterious and yet solid.   When I feel into Embodiment, I find myself in a most whole and contented place. A place where the breath creates smooth, harmonious bridges to my body, my mind, my heart. It is […]

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become the touch

Healing Touch

There is a “food” that our skin yells and hungers for. A “food” that is as essential to our survival as good food and warm shelter… touch. I remember  this from a lecture I attended while studying child psychology: In the 1940s a Doctor caring for motherless babies was surprised to find that although they were […]

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