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With permission from sacred breasts facebook


Of late I have felt “softer” … seems a bit non descriptive really but there it is.            There is a new “softness” to my edges. I see in my mind’s eye that I was like one of those sweets … to chewy to let anything in without a bit of […]

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With permission from Sacred breasts

Walk In Beauty.

This afternoon while walking my two crazy dogs around the Park, something changed in the way I held myself. Not in my posture, something much deeper, from the inside out.                      And I will try my best to figure out how to share … Strange as […]

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Your Soul Shoes

Last night before drifting off to sleep I was “shown” a pair of Cinderella shoes. We are all born with a unique pair of shoes to firstly recognise as our soul gift and then to learn to stand in and only then, to learn to walk in. The energy of 2017 so far has very […]

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