Tantric Reflection ~ How Do You Hold You?

Reflection ~

How do you hold YOU?

An essential ingredient to self love, self responsibility, maturity, relationship with self and therefore in reflection our relationship with others, is how we hold our own space.

How we hold ourselves.

Can we listen without judgment or shame and meet our own needs, desires and wounds?

Or do we habitually reach out for rescue… another.

Or turn our back from our bodies, our soul calling and walk away … hold down … unable to meet this feeling.

Unwilling to listen.

When we can hold our own space, not only does our relationship with self deepen, widen … become less tense, dense … so God Dam hard! 

But so does the quality of how we hold others and the world around us … intimately, silently, close without fear … demand or command. 

Just holding.

How Do You Hold YOU? ❤️


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