Sacred Tantric Touch Therapy Certification ®

Becoming an Authentic Tantric Therapist is one of those amazing steps we take in life and most deliciously nothing is ever the same again!

You will know if this Certificated Sacred Touch Therapy course is for you, because the desire and pull to experience YOUR Tantric Journey as UNIQUELY YOURS, will not let you go..

Tantra is a heart calling desiring to be sung, that you feel rich and deep within you.

We are not designed to be carbon copies of another.  To walk, talk, “to do” in parrot fashion.  To be mass produced in a quickie 7 day course. 

This approach suggests that we DO Tantra to others.  That all that is required, is for us to learn technique and that the “work” is done to another from the outside in … rather than an internal expression, radiating out. 

In truth an authentic Tantric experience is a sharing and has little to do with technique and nothing to do with DOING.

It is a sharing of  our be-ing . 

Who we are.  

Our rich inner source of knowing how that tastes, and from the wisdom of living Tantra. 

I believe, it is essential to be drawn to a mentor/teacher that will open doorways for us to step through, so that we know more of ourselves and in turn explore and discover how we share our individual thumbprint in this world.

What is needed, is YOU and the gift of your touch.

Course Content:

My first priority, above all methods and techniques shared, is YOU

This is because we can only share in truth, from where we are, spiritually, mentally, energetically and sexually.  All else is “lip service.” 

The course grows and flowers as you do as an individual and therefore each lesson is experimental and in rhythm to where you are in SEX, PLEASURE, LOVE and BODY and the union of these within you. 

The journey together begins in a nourishing, supportive space devoted to you, that enables you to meet the “doorway” of expansion being presented to you at that moment. It is essential to work with your inner landscape, breath, body and sexual energy and support you to meet and listen to the energy of your own pain body.  Simply because no other “body” will trust or rest at ease in our energy and touch if we have not been to the places we are guiding others to. 

Only then we will begin to explore how we meet others through:

Training Information:

Each student will begin their journey with me, learning the foundations of Sacred Touch and Tantric Massage as a process of 12 lessons, spread over the minimum of nine months. 

In between “lessons” you have my support available via voice audio and a group chat of Sacred Touch therapists that have worked with me. 

Within the training you will  receive 3 bodywork sessions at set times to support you in integrating and embodying the “works” shared. 

The 12 lessons are offered on a 4-6 weekly cycle on a Friday.  Those travelling from abroad may arrange 2-3 lesson intensives. 

The actual dates are agreeable between you and myself.  

There maybe times when we will work with and meet other students for “bodywork practice” enabling me to observe and support. 

Time is essential and required between each lesson for you to play with the method, taste and integrate it into your own be~ing and life. 

Ensuring your sharing as a Tantric Therapist is not a quick fix certification but an authentic expression of you.

Case studies are requested and evidence of sharing, before certification is granted.

As well as integrating the foundations of tantric touch, focus will be spent on taking yourself and your clients deeper into tantra with meditation, other healing and massage techniques and how to work with and support sexual and intimacy “resistance” in men and women. 

We never truly reach the end of Tantra, it is always bringing something fresh and alive to us.  As we share, we grow… we can only take others to the expansion we ourselves have tasted. 

It is essential to continue your own self care.  Therefore after your initial training and certification, it is most beneficial to have the safety net and support of your own personal Tantric Mentor. 

Mentorship support while you create, establish and ground your calling as a Sacred Touch Therapist is available for a year after your certification and included within the cost of the training.   

For more details on what the training pathway will cover, please request via email.   

Course Requirements:

To participate in this Sacred Touch therapy course, I suggest that each applicant has:

This is not for you if …

Not able to commit to your own process and are seeking a quick certification to enable you to DO Tantra.

Seeking a yoni and lingam massage course not a powerful, conscious, sexual healing training. .

Not open to huge transitions in how you feel and your life.

A belief that Tantra is all about GREAT SEX.

How To Apply.

Please contact me below with a little background information on yourself and why you wish to share Tantra and Sacred Touch. 

From there we will have a conversation by phone to explore your “calling” and arrange your foundation lessons. 

More information on my etiquette and fee policy.    

Certification is not available until all tutor fees are paid.  

All payment plans are set on a monthly collection via standing order.  

Entry into a payment plan is deemed to be a commitment to paying the whole course fee. Bank details are sent after an application has been approved.  All monies are non refundable but transferable, as per terms and conditions.  .


Pay in full:  £5875 

OR A payment plan can be arranged with an initial deposit of £495 followed by: 

9 monthly instalments of £615 


12 monthly installments of £475 

Hear what others have to say.

Tantra unfolds us for a lifetime and as such requires a lifetime of devotion.

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