Welcome to Orgasmic Woman/Vulva Owner.

Darling Woman, do you feel safe enough in your own skin to surrender into the depths of your erotic nature? Do you feel worthy of allowing yourself pleasure?

Do you long to expand your orgasmic capacity? To trust enough to let go and ride the sensual waves … let them play through you and move you.

Join me on a journey to expand your orgasmic capacities and increase the level of pleasure your body can experience.

Our natural state of aliveness has become stagnant through forcing pleasure rather than allowing.

The world of orgasms has become a confined  and commercial place full of techniques and methods that are meant to enhance our experiences and yet with their functional suggestions of how to get it right, have only moved us further away from our creative orgasmic self.

So many feel lesser than … broken.  A disappointment.  All based upon what happens in the between the sheets.

But what if my darling, being Orgasmic starts way before the bedroom and without the silent pressure of pleasing a partner.

What if our orgasmic nature begins with our environment…. How safe we feel in our own body and how we breathe?

What if we are over-obsessing the perceived problem and placing temporary bandages over the wounds that caused a lack of trust … of desire … of worthiness.

Making pleasure your number one priority will transform your life!

Orgasmic Woman is a live exploration and supportive “nest” for you to re~wire and remember how it feels to be radiant, juicy, creative and playful with the way you express your sexual self.

Through touch, sound, movement, and energy, we will show you how to heal wounds from the past and release stuck emotions and old patterns that prevent you from thriving sexually.

You will discover new orgasmic sensations, learn to notice the subtle forms pleasure take in your body, and experience states of bliss and ecstasy in a safe and loving environment.

We will banish the bullshit of technique and joyfully untame and regain trust in our wild, that knows what we need to thrive and what makes us flower and glow!

By the end of our time together, you will feel more self assured in your sexuality and have practical tools to keep exploring on your own.

Is this for you?

Yes absolutely my love!

There are no special requirements. No belief system is necessary.

Just you and your body and a desire to let go of all you think you know about orgasms, all techniques you have tried and to open and surrender your body back to your fullest orgasmic potential in life, love, play and the bedroom.

Together we will unravel your:

Relationship with your body.

Relationship with pleasure.

Relationship with creativity.

Relationship with others.

We will dive into what it means to be an orgasmic woman and most essentially how!

In our experience, self-pleasure practices are the most efficient way to embody radical self-love, cultivate self-confidence and become more magnetic. Indeed, orgasmic sensations are a powerful tool to imprint new programs and beliefs in your subconscious mind and body. They can create massive shifts in the energy body and allow you to let go of old patterns and coping mechanisms that are not serving you anymore. During this journey, we will talk about how pleasure can be used to create new pathways in the nervous system and build a reality that is more aligned with your deepest desires.

I will support you with:

Letting go of the ideas of orgasm that are restricting your erotic and orgasmic self.

Lack of trust and connection to your body.

Lack of connection to desire and pleasure.

Fears that restrict feeling and being sexy.

Held trauma around past sexual experiences or unhealthy limiting beliefs.

Fear of Intimacy and touch.

Relationship anxiety and distrust.

Your levels of creativity and happiness.

Your quality of life and relationships with yourself and others.

Your overall well being and radiance.


I am an ASIS Member. Click here to read more.

What you will learn:

How to feel and create your body has your safe container that enable you to safely explore, move and play in the world around you.

How to relate with your body through love, kindness and pleasure.

How to surrender to your own orgasmic experiences.

How to resource and nourish yourself.

How to playfully heal sexual trauma through the body. How to welcome back and explore your sexual being.

Tools to support you to move beyond resistance into expansion.

Practical everyday tools to enhance your trust in play, creativity and love.

Embodiment of all your sexy archetypes. The flavours and textures of your unique orgasmic sensations.

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