Intimacy With Self.

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When we think of intimacy we may instantly picture a scene of being close to another, allowing our most intimate body parts to be touched and explored.

We may instantly sexualise intimacy.

Yet intimacy means to be seen and known in body, in heart, in sex, in all that we are.

To be able to meet others and the world around us with no restrictive divide, in the way.

We can distance ourselves from intimacy through fear … what if we truly allow ourselves to let go of the masks we have created to “fit and appease” and are deemed unlovable.

Whether we are alone in lockdown restrictions or within a small group, everything we have known has been stripped away, leaving self most brutally visible.

This is our opportunity to get to know who we REALLY are without the voices that tell us we can’t be. To tenderly witness any arising shame, our fears of rejection, the parts of us we hide from others yet ache to share.

The parts of us we were TOLD to squash and tame into society acceptable packaging … and to gently re~ parent, love and hold what we feel, what we see … not repress, shame, judge or hide further away.

To feel into all the walls that we have created so as not to be seen.

To deeply begin a beautiful relationship of which true intimacy thrives and blossoms from … shamelessly loving YOU ❤️


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