Giving Up Is Never An Option …

Giving up is never an option, when the fire in your belly won’t still and the song in your heart won’t silence.

Something bigger than the doubting “little Miss Moo” in your mind is at work here and thank f**k for that passion I say, for how many times have you saved me from under the duvet and dragged me back into believing in the “impossible”.

Maybe we feel like giving up when something inside us knows we are so close, that we can feel it on the tip of our nose.

Maybe we feel like giving up when that extra step means moving out from the shadows of our comfort zone and into unknown… stopping this playing small malarkey and allow ourselves to be seen.  Vulnerable place I know but hiding is miserable and painful too.

Maybe we want to give up when we just cannot see it.  Our visions, our dreams are being blocked by the “how the hell? ”  and just maybe this is the time that we can allow ourselves to daydream into the “what if…?” and relish in that pondering for a while until “what if” feels inspiring and possible … and magically the “how?” has answers.

When we want to give, inspire, share, love … achieve, make a difference, be the change … have, know, explore, taste …  live to our greatest most fullest potential …

Giving up is never an option.




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