A Heart Full of gratitude is like a warm bowl of home-made soup for the soul.


I felt these words pouring into my heart in my morning meditation.

So often in today’s society we seek externally for more and for our happiness. And yet how often do we take moments to be deeply grateful for all that we have and all that we are.

Before I sleep every night I place my hands on my heart and take a few long slow deep breath‘s.

I allow visions of my day and all that I am grateful for to come to me…

My children whom I have no idea who I would be without them.
My body for all that it is and has been through.

The profound and humbling beauty of trust that my clients place in me.

The winds of the sea that tore at my skin as I walked my dog.
Even the sound of a strangers laughter I made have had the pleasure of hearing that day.

Life becomes more by realising what we already have