A Charmed Life.

Not so very long ago, after posting a video I had created on the benefits of the ancient Jade Egg Practice within my life.  I received a comment that stuck with me.

“You must live a very charmed life.”

I did not re-act or respond.  Instead I let the words whirl around me until they found a comfortable place to sit.

The question that flashed in my mind in large neon lights was, was that how I came across to this lady?

All sunshine, rainbows and immaculate hair do’s and no shit, dark corners and bad hair days?

Oh Gosh, I bloody well hoped not!

From a very young age, I made the powerful intention, for reasons we will not go into, to be real.  I have on several occasions owned a gnawing feeling of vulnerability and fear of how others may judge and yet still bared my pale skin bottom to the world.

For I held this belief that someone in the world would be feeling that same pain, attending to that wound, moving through that heartache. loss or illness … and in sharing how I found my way out of the tangle of the deep dark forest, I “might” open a door way of possibilities for another to witness, accept and be free of their own.

I have never felt comfortable with the claims that meditation, yoga, Tantra and so forth are a cure that miraculously enables life to suddenly be all smooth sailing on the sails of “love and light” *silent cringe*, free from shit storms.  That is neither empowering, truth or reality.

But what I will stand most stubbornly strong in, is how these small additions to our daily life can shine a new refreshing SIMPLE perspective on who we authentically are beyond the unkind masks and BS.

They give us permission to be REAL not perfect.

Just as Mary Poppins, I have this magical bag that I know I can pull out exactly what I need to move into a space of surrender to what is.  Releasing me from the struggle, for it is the struggle against the what is here, that can hurt me the most.  An acceptance that life has duality, so I can be in the space in between.

A tool kit that keeps me grounded in my skin, bones and ridiculous high heels, rather than reckless in my thoughts.

These moments of Tantric meditations, my yoga mat, my Jade Egg are my daily self-care regime, as crucial as brushing my teeth, that enable me to hear and attend to my womanly needs, provide me the fuel, the inspiration, the nourishment, the self-awareness and love to meet others and life … to meet what IS rather than hide my face away wishing for something else.

They anchor me while I juggle my manic day with my children’s demands, the bills, the laundry, the hoover, the dogs that need walking and my other 1001 Cinderelly chores or pull me up and out when in fear, grief or pain.

Life is for everybody, a bag of all sorts.  We all experience back to front, upside down and inside out … yet we can choose to be curious about the roller-coaster ride and just get on it or bolt the other way for it to only trip us up another day for not listening the first time it shouted for our attention..

So is my life charmed?

Is it simplistic and real OR full of drama and chaos?

Is it delicious and succulent with the juices of a life tasted in all its colours OR dry, grey and brittle?

I guess then, I must agree with my Mary Poppins bag firmly tucked under my arm…

I do have a charmed life ♥️


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