For many years the yoga we have practised, shared and taught has felt more like a punishment to the body.                  

To bend, to stretch rather than lengthen, to force upon rather than soften in and listen to ~ and to hold in stillness rather than flow.

We as women have tried to squeeze into a very masculine yoga and a masculine meditation which will only take us so far.

Our inner Shatki desires to flow, to express from our sensuous self into our fingertips, to dance to our inner pulse and sing from our breasts. Our meditations expand us in movement, the swaying of our pelvis, the opening of our delicate limbs … not still and seated but soft, moving and rhythmic.

If you are stuck in your meditation or your yoga, then it is time to listen to the calling of the inner Woman and allow your body to open and surrender to the expression of your orgasmic self.