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  • Self Devotion For Women. - Our internal landscape as a woman is in constant and consistent desire of nourishment, creativity and pleasure to ensure we show up in the world in our brightest, fullest self. But in our modern day world, with the juggling of the many roles we play, how do we ensure this is so. In this month’s […]
  • Creativity And Sexuality Creativity And Sexuality - Our creativity and sexuality are deeply and most intimately connected and our human birthright. When one of these begins to “dry up” in our life, the other is effected and life can feel dull, brittle and grey. When both are balanced and flowing, our bodies and lives feel alive, juicy and a rich tapestry of […]
  • Goddess At Rest Goddess At Rest - There are essential times, not only in the seasons but within our own cycles that we need to attend to ourselves as women and ensure our bodies and energy is given time and permission to rest. Within this resting, the whole of our being can be nourished by simply cultivating energy within our body and […]
  • Intimacy With The Breath Intimacy With The Breath - The breath is the greatest we have in life from the very moment we are born. It is our bridge to our bodies, our sexuality, our creativity, life and the Universe. It gently and without fail, supports us to come home to ourselves and this moment. In this workshop Michelle Roberton guides us through three […]
  • Yoni Love Yoni Love - Yoni Love guides us into creating an intimate and devotional relationship with not only our sexuality but who we are as a woman. Empowering us to move and live beyond the ideas and agendas that our Yoni is only for sex, parties and birthing babies into a deep communication that intuitively guides us through life. […]
  • Body Love Body Love - Body Love is not at all the same quality as body confidence. Body confidence may leave and waver depending on our life circumstances. and feels very much a reflection of the external appearance and the world around us. Yet Body Love is an internal relationship of unconditional love, devotion, nourishment and kindness in which our […]
  • Boobie Love Boobie Love - Many women find it a challenge to feel at ease with their breasts … Too big, too small, attract too much unwanted attention and so forth. Yet our breasts are how we as women show up in the world with our unique fragrance. Michelle created this workshop with the authentic “formula” of own journey of […]

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