Welcome to a Journey of Sexual Alchemy and Body Empowerment

Understanding Our Relationship with Body and Sexuality

Welcome darling friend.

Thank you for exploring my blog.

I know it takes a heap full of courage and heart to not only pause and look at how we are relating to our bodies and sexuality.

But to take the brave step in asking for the support to establish a new pathway free from our held pain and limiting beliefs and to meet our sexual wounds as a source of medicine in the poison.

I hope this blog inspires you and fuels the “call” you feel to come back and re-remember and re-root in to your body,

To feel and trust into pleasure and sensations.

And to reclaim the innocent aliveness of your sexuality.

I know you have the courage and heart it takes, for it is that very same strength that has held you this far …

This blog is a tapas of suggestions, inspirations and lived wisdom, born out of my own journey of sexual alchemy.

Please feel most welcome to comment and share your own adventures.

All my love 

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Yoga Nidra … Making Spaces Of Rest Within

Yoga Nidra … Making Spaces Of Rest Within

Yoga Nidra allows us amongst many benefits, to fully occupy our body with our intention and awareness. https://soundcloud.com/user-49842569/yoga-nidra  

Embodiment …

Embodiment …

I let this word roll deliciously around my tongue and through my lips.  Such an inviting word, mysterious and yet solid.   When I feel

Healing Touch

Healing Touch

There is a “food” that our skin yells and hungers for. A “food” that is as essential to our survival as good food and warm shelter…

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