How often do we allow our body to not just truly feel supported but to soften and rest into that support?

Our bodies crave time to feel supported so it may unravel and let go.

When we keep going … or when we push away a feeling because it is undesirable, scary or even inconvenient we are putting our bodies nervous system, our muscles, and our bodies natural ability to be present under extreme pressure.

Take some time to lay down upon the ground.

Begin to breath long, slow and deep into your belly, FEELING the soft rise and fall of your belly.

Now allow yourself to notice where the back of your body meets the ground… with the breath play with softening your body into the ground, every exhale an invitation … as if the back of your body expands and melts.

Notice the places your body maybe pulling away from the ground … kindly give that place permission with your breathe to trust the support beneath you.

Simply caressing the ground with your breath and the back of your body.

I personally find the space between my shoulders melts and almost sighs with relief … the back of my pelvis seems to widen and create a sense of space.

Let this be your little experiment just for a few days.

I ensure you, your body will respond with much gratitude x