Yoni Egg Yoga

Yoni Egg Yoga has been deliciously put together to inspire YOU as a modern day woman, to have the courage and heart to explore your sexuality in exciting new ways.

To love your Yoni.

I mean truly love your Yoni, embracing your wild, erotic nature and consciously channeling that into creating a life lived as a fully expressed, gorgeous Embodied Woman!

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Blending a juicy tapas of:
The breath
Tantric methods and meditations
Sexuality and sensuality into one ~

I invite you to be curious and join me on an adventure that will gently hold you so you may unfold and allow your life to change from ordinary to extraordinary.

The “methods” are simple and feel so so good that fitting them into daily life will become as desirable as a hot bubble bath and your bar of favorite naughtiness.

Using a Yoni Egg in a conscious loving way will change your life in just a few days and that is not said from “here-say” or because Aunt Mildred told me so … I only share with you that which I have lived, tasted and swallowed so that it is delivered from a place of heart, truth and a complete understanding of the up’s and downs we women experience emotionally, sexually, physically, mentally and spiritually.

So what are the benefits of Jade Eggs and Yoni Egg Yoga?

Some of these benefits are factual that you will read in many places and some I share from my relationship with my Yoni Egg.

Supports us in becoming more conscious of our Yoni and our sexuality in a very gentle yet profound way.

Guides us back into our bodies with a rich sense of being held and nurtured.
Self-permission to surrender into the softness of our femininity and to explore and unshame pleasure.

Encourages us to welcome pleasure into our lives in all its forms.

Increases and expands upon our experiences of pleasure.

Helps us feel grounded, anchored into our own skin and bones, feet firmly on the earth.

Awakens, stirs and supports an expression of our sensuality, our passions, our creativity.

Expands upon our intuition and therefore clarity.

Increases feelings of aliveness in whole of pelvic floor and whole of body.

Softens our relationship with our breasts.

Opens our heart.

Guides us into parts of our Woman~ness that we have not yet discovered.

Adds a boing to our bungee and a very attractive sparkle to our eyes.

Enhances our life physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Entices a true surge of creativity and action.

Releases emotions and trauma that we may be holding in our reproductive organs, including perineum.

Increases flow of sexual hormones therefore supporting our sexual health through all stages of womanhood.

Expands upon and invites different tastes of orgasm.

Maintains health of our reproductive organs and vaginal tissues.

Increases strength of pelvic floor and therefore incontinence due to menopause or childbirth.

Can be an aid in releasing sexual trauma and abuse (although I do strongly feel and recommend from personal experience that any sexual trauma and abuse requires a held space with the loving support of another … a heart that can hold and witness your pain with you. I therefore suggest Yoni Healing before use of a Jade egg and then the two methods working hand in hand.)

About the course:

Many Yoni Egg and Jade Egg courses are being offered on line and although I see the huge potential in this reaching greater numbers and sales, I do feel that these ancient Tantric methods were first “given” as a deeply cherished, honoured gift to women and held within the sanctuary of a sacred space.

The teachings were given by a Priestess and what I see as a mother/midwife figure who supported the birthing of women into their womanhood, sexual powers and succulent, sensual nature and the cultivation and harnessing of our womanly nature.

This course as well as Yoni Healing, I personally feel is so intimate and can be so dramatically life changing that we deserve for this to be kept in the same level of sacredness and honour its wisdom was given in and most importantly each woman to feel supported and that she has a safe place into which ask questions and seek advice.

I do not feel we would birth our babies with the support of an online course so why with something as sensitive as Jade egg?

Yoni Egg Yoga courses may be attended as group of women, all creating an amazing space of energy and rapid growth together or as a one to one.

The course has 3 lessons in which offer a strong yet simple foundation for you to explore and grow upon, creating your own magical Yoni adventures.

You may watch a series of videos on the blog covering all benefits of Yoni Egg Yoga.

female yoga classes brighton

Venue & Dates.

Thursday the 21st and 28th of September and 3rd of October.  7-8.30pm 

Details of venue in Hove,  provide upon booking. 

Cost & details:

£249 to attend the group.

Payment plan available upon request. 

£329 as one to one tuition (dates and times to be arranged individually)

female yoga classes brighton

Course includes:

An excellent quality Jade Egg

Unwaxed, unscented floss.

Audio sent by email of each practice.

Please attend the course wearing a loose, long skirt.

Most welcome to bring any cushions that help you create your own nest and a notepad for any notes you may wish to make.

Very, excited to be sharing your adventure with you ♥️

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