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Yoga For Sexual Trauma.

Yoga Classes for Breast CancerYoga For Sexual Trauma is very dear to my own journey and heart.

 The purpose behind my specific training, self exploration and how these unique classes were created, being through my own journey of a wide range of Body and Sexual Trauma, and the disconnection and dissociation with my body that each of these experiences created.

They are my gift from my journey ~  to yours.


female yoga classes brighton

The term sexual trauma covers a wide and varied range of experiences, of which not one can ever be exactly the same or in that case create exactly the same “symptoms”

Sexual Trauma may have occurred as a child or an adult.

Once or repetitive occasions that became and seemed normal or maybe even “forgotten.”

  Sexual Trauma can be penetrative or not.  A family member, friend or complete stranger.

But there are many “common to sexual trauma” coping strategies and behavioural patterns that continue in life that we create to maintain,  protect and survive from  an overwhelming experience.

Some of us have felt these at some point after the abuse. Others for years …

Body dissociation.

In Sexual Trauma we tend to dissociate from the body as a survial mechanism to the experience.

Very often it is hard to find a way back to the body, and for many of whom the abuse was reoccurring, to live as a “no~body” becomes simply a normal part of daily functioning.

Without a body there is no pain, denial or even no knowledge of the memory.

But as a consequence, our system is not and cannot be selective.

There is NO sensation, joy, pleasure, creativity or alive~ness.

Not just to our body but to life.


michelle roberton sexual trauma therapist, body love activist


As well as Sexual Trauma effecting our ability to trust, to receive touch, to create healthy boundaries, to self soothe, to feel sensations in the body, to separate pleasure from pain, to connect and relate to our body and others …

It can also effect how we move and trust the signals in our body to move.

I discovered from my body this was for a few reasons:

A learnt behaviour that certain movement could cause danger. 

That movement caused sensation and therefore confusion/panic and  a desire to escape/dissociate again.

  That the human birthright to move with ease in one’s own body, to trust sensory signals, and feel safe not only in body but in relation to the support of the ground had been sabotaged and uprooted. 

 The fear to respond to the body’s natural sensory signals but also to give self permission to move one’s own body rather than wait for safety, external instruction or control.

I have explored and experimented much with my own body to give myself back the permission to move  … what is said and claimed to be of support by trauma experts in the world.

Some made me run a mile  … some I found evoked too much sensation, too fast and therefore more trauma release than I could attend to , some I found lacking in not knowledge but knowing, some I found too wordy,  instructive and controlling and I froze.

What I felt I was seeking was a held space to rediscover movement in my body as a newborn baby would.  To explore, re~wire and start from the beginning, with simple suggestions in how to feel that trust in sensation that signals to the body to move freely.

I could not find it …

And so I decided to create it.


michelle roberton sexual trauma therapist, body love activist


Now I could write here on this page all the classic symptoms of Sexual Trauma but I feel that, that could only make you as the reader feel more isolated or different or totally miffed with me.

You know how your life has been effected as a result of your experience, you do not need me to tell you.

I could write about all the benefits in which movement and Yoga supports us to come home to the unity of our own skin and bones.

But strangely, I do not feel compelled to.

  If this was me reading this page, I would not want to read a promotion or scientific research that claims to “fix”.


So I feel this is an invitation to be in a quiet, calm space with a gentle guide and voice beside you. 

That can and will support YOU to explore with curiosity how your body moves and moves in relationship to the ground. (Not make shapes) 

To empower you to be able to tenderly meet and bare witness to your pain.

To know your body as a “sacred container” that invites, allows and slips into sensation …

Your breath.

To regain a sense of trust in the ground, the boundaries of your skin … life and others. 

 To find a sense of peace and well being to call home … without having to run away from yourself anymore.

Thus creating a genuine healing process ignited by you.

Reclaiming a sense of control over YOUR body.

This is my invitation to you. 


Yoga Classes for Breast Cancer.

My yoga background and training is not one of the usual route, I have been specifically trained to work with those moving through cancer treatment, recovery and trauma and the reclaiming of the feminine body.
The course begins totally working upon the support of the ground and working in rhythm with the breath. This is to recreate a connection with the body from the inside out and a befriending of what has been a painful place to live in.
From there just as a baby learns to sit up, crawl, walk and run, the classes progress.
At this stage, I believes there is little point in creating dynamic poses when the body is seeking nourishment and full recovery before it can run at full steam ahead again.

These classes can be seen as a valuable stepping stone for the body from trauma.

Each class has a very meditative feel to them, and are done with the eyes closed to create a sensual experience within the body rather than a goal and expectation to create a perfect pose.


female yoga classes brighton.

 Venue & Cost :

I offer these sessions as One to One Therapy in Brighton,  so that this organic progression is totally in alignment with your body and needs.

75 minute tuition: £60


Book a strong foundation of three sessions: £175


Yoga Classes for Breast Cancer


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