Yoga For Female Body Trauma.

Yoga Classes for Breast CancerYoga For Female Body Trauma is very dear to my own journey and heart. The purpose behind my specific training and how these unique classes were created, being through my own journey of a wide range of Body Trauma and Breast Cancer and the disconnection with my body that this caused.

They are my gift from my journey as a Woman to yours.


female yoga classes brighton

Loosing any part of our body or experiencing a trauma inflicted upon our body, particularly our breasts, Yoni, womb and ovaries can have a huge impact on how we feel and view ourselves as a woman.


We can feel we have:

Lost our identity.

Our self image.

Our dignity and self respect.

Lost our all hope of achieving our goals and dreams.

Lost our self-esteem and confidence

Lost a level of control over our life, what happens to our body and decisions.

Lost a connection to who we are and the roles we play in life.

Lost our femininity, our breasts no matter what size, our womb can be held as a symbol of our woman-ness.

Lost our ability to nurture and nourish our babies and future babies.

Lost the possibilities to conceive future children.

Lost our nipples that fed our babies.


female yoga classes brighton


Female Body Trauma can also cause us to feel:




Disconnected from ourselves, life and others.


Frustrated in expressing how we are feeling.

Not enough.

Overwhelmed by the opinions of others who are simply trying to show support, love, and care.

That cancer or our situation has become the topic of every conversation and/or the elephant in the room.

That the cancer or trauma has become our identity.

Fatigue, pain, fear, anger, hopelessness, resentment. Why me?


Yoga Classes for Breast Cancer


Yoga Classes for Women’s Cancer And Female Body Trauma As an Anchor

As with all trails in our womanhood, we do have the courage of a brave heart to allow all this to pass but in the midst of trauma and overwhelm we need to have an anchor in life that helps us make the right choices and keeps us from being swept away, allows us time to connect with our we are feeling rather than tending to how our loved ones are coping.  Keeps us in touch with our own process, and helps us to remember to be kind and compassionate to ourselves. As well as allowing us space to regain a sense of our identity, let go of the tears we may be holding … the joys we want to share.

And just to simply breath.

Yoga classes for Women’s cancer and Female Body Trauma can teach us these essential nourishing skills of self acceptance, love and care.


female yoga classes brighton


Medical research supports evidence that yoga while living with cancer and/or Trauma:

Reconnects us to our bodies and helps us to befriend a place that has been a painful place to attend to or rest in.

Helps manage depression and fear.

Helps to manage pain.

Soothes anxiety.

Improves sleep patterns.

Improves overall health.

Improves energy levels.

Lowers levels of pain and fatigue.

Dissolves stress and tension in the body.

Releases  memory trauma from muscles.

Increases feelings of hope and positivity.

Creates relaxation and an ability to allow acceptance and surrender to what is.

Supports a natural healing process.

Increases self love, esteem and body confidence.


Yoga Classes for Breast Cancer


Yoga Classes for Female Body Trauma.

I feel through personal experience, yoga is only a support when living with cancer and any trauma, if it is the right yoga and the right teacher at the right time of your personal journey.

The body needs time to be nourished and nurtured, to rest, to restore, to heal before we dive back in, thinking we can instantly move the way we used to and attend to all our daily chores as we used to.

Our body needs time to be heard, listened to, respected and loved.  For all you have learnt and grown into through your experience to be integrated kindly into your life.

The body has changed, is changing and needs the nourishment to support this process, not shoved and pushed and forced back into what it was.

Yoga classes for women living with body trauma are gentle and flowing with the body and the breath moving in harmony. The routines are simple and yet they nourish instantly from deep within, so the healing happens from the inside out.

There is little point creating the perfect shape, if there is no one inside that shape.

We will explore other ways of self care not just for our body as a whole but tenderness for the hurts we hold.

The classes create a safe space for our bodies to soften, so we may embrace the pain and trauma, witness it, accept and let go, rather than fighting and struggling against.

Each class has a meditative feel to them to provide an opening that quietens the mind and soothes the body, thus creating a genuine healing process ignited by you. Giving you back some control.

 Time is given to listen, truly listen to your unique needs, your heart, to move with and into the changes happening in your life. To know how to give to your body with tender awareness and compassion.

Wisdom is shared, empowering with words of someone who deeply knows the shoes you are walking in rights now. Supporting you to stay with and own your femininity and maintain a sense of your most beautiful, amazing, brave self, amidst the sunny days and the shit storms.

My yoga background and training is not one of the usual route, I have been specifically trained to work with those moving through cancer treatment, recovery and trauma and the reclaiming of the feminine body.
The course begins totally working upon the support of the ground and working in rhythm with the breath. This is to recreate a connection with the body from the inside out and a befriending of what has been a painful place to live in.
From there just as a baby learns to sit up, crawl, walk and run, the classes progress.
At this stage, I believes there is little point in creating dynamic poses when the body is seeking nourishment and full recovery before it can run at full steam ahead again.

These classes can be seen as a valuable stepping stone for the body from severe illness or Trauma to recovery.
Each class has a very meditative feel to them, and are done with the eyes closed to create a sensual experience within the body rather than a goal and expectation to create a perfect pose.


female yoga classes brighton.

 Venue & Cost :

I offer these sessions as One to One Therapy in Brighton,  so that this organic progression is totally in alignment with your body and needs.

One hour tuition: £45


Book a strong foundation of three sessions: £125


Yoga Classes for Breast Cancer


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