Work With Me

Hi, I am Michelle.  I am most excited that you have found yourself here.  Maybe from curiosity, but most certainly from courage.  Life As A Mirror.

There are three pathways of which you may feel drawn to work with me.

Sexual Trauma ~ for those who have experienced a sexually traumatic event  or re-occurring sexual abuse.  My own alchemy for childhood sexual abuse offers an ability to “meet you” in that pain, gently take your hand and offer simple life skills to your recovery.

Sex & Intimacy ~ for those wanting to attend to your resistance to sex and intimacy or expand your experience or to welcome a new sexual consciousness int your life.

Body Love ~ Work with me in creating an unconditional relationship with your body … transforming self sabotage and the inner body bully into a sense of belonging and ease in your own skin.

Please also take a browse at the interactive video courses and workshops.

With love x