We have grown into this nasty habit of meeting the world around us, people… our loved ones … through our mind and all it’s labels.

An adult picks up a pebble. He has already decided he knows the pebble.

It’s hard.  It’s grey.  It comes from the beach.

An ordinary pebble amongst a thousand other ordinary pebbles.

He has met the stone through the filter of labels based on past experience and stored  information.

Pre-designing his experience.

He is not truly meeting that one stone.

A child picks up a pebble … he licks it, smells it, touches it, listens to it …

The child is meeting the world around him in that moment and in the truth of his own experience.

The child knows that pebble in that moment in his life, is unlike the thousand other pebbles.

Bring new flavours into ALL your experiences of life beyond the limits of the mind that only knows the past.

Explore Meeting your world and your loved ones without labels and your preconceived ideas of who, what and how.